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    Guided Parent led CBT for children and young people

    Does your child experience difficulties with anxiety? Finding it hard to get support? Our new Guided Parent-Delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (GPD-CBT) service is now available From just an initial payment of £75 our new guided parent-delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) support service for parents allows you to take control and be guided by an Anxiety UK Approved Therapist in providing help and support for your child.

    • Anxiety UK family members: An initial payment of £75 plus £75 payable to the therapist). Total = £150
    • Anxiety UK non-members: An initial payment of £115, then £125 payable to the therapist. Total = £240

    Before paying for this service you must complete the referral form. Click Here

    Therapy fees

    You can pay your therapy fees here but please bear in mind if you pay the incorrect amount or fail to provide the relevant evidence of eligibility for discounted therapy your therapy referral will not be processed until the correct amount has been paid.

    The CBT Art Workbook for Coping with Anxiety by Jennifer Guest


    Stand Up to OCD! A CBT Self-Help Guide and Workbook for Teens by Kelly Wood and Douglas Fisher


    Dental Anxiety & Phobia Booklet (Instant Download)



    Therapist Application Fee

    Original price was: £25.00.Current price is: £0.00.

    Please note we are currently not recruiting, please check back soon for the latest updates.

    The application form is part of the checkout process however there is no fee to pay.

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