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Frequently asked questions about our courses & groups

All our groups and courses provide a safe, facilitated, confidential space for adults, to share/gain tools and techniques to help with the management of anxiety.

No, we do not record any of our Zoom groups and courses sessions.

Groups are delivered online via Zoom.
Our anxiety support groups offer a safe space for people aged 18+ to share their experiences of anxiety.  Participation is actively encouraged and supported, though there is no pressure to speak if you do not feel able to.   As our AfAR and anxiety management courses are guided/structured groups with designated course/session leaders, participation through speaking is optional.

AfAR – 15 people per course

Anxiety Support Groups – 20 people per session

Anxiety Management Courses – 15 people per course

No, you can access groups and courses without being an Anxiety UK member, however you will miss out on discounts that members have to attend such services.

Our anxiety support groups are delivered twice a week. Anxiety Management courses and AfAR are 6-week courses with a session taking place once a week. Start dates for these courses can be found on this page.

Places for AfAR and anxiety management courses are only available on a full-course basis.  We encourage participants to attend all sessions of courses to gain maximum benefit.

If you haven’t received your booking details, please check your emails including spam folder. In the event you are still missing this information, please email [email protected].

To get a discount on groups and courses, please email [email protected] to receive a personalised discount code to be used at the checkout.

If you are unable to attend a pre-booked support group, you should cancel your place giving at least 48 hours’ notice by following the cancellation link that can be found within the original Zoom registration confirmation email. Alternatively, email: [email protected].

For AfAR and anxiety management course cancellations, please email: [email protected]

Yes. For reasons of safety, we do ask that all participants come on camera for all support groups and courses.

All groups and courses are covered by Ground Rules which the facilitator or group leader will go through at the start of each session/course.

Anxiety management course:

Start 2024 in the best way possible: by learning how to effectively manage anxiety.

Our six week therapist-led anxiety management course will provide you with the information, tips, tools, and strategies you need to tackle the year with confidence.

Join us every Sunday evening for the 6 week course starting on January 7th, 2024 at 6pm for 1 hour via Zoom and help say goodbye to worries and fears.

Our highly experienced therapist Michelle will focus each session on a different type of coping mechanism to help you work through your anxiety issues.

Handouts and worksheets will also be provided to allow you to explore what methods work best for you. Hurry and reserve your spot now, as space is limited!

Together we can start 2024 in the best way and make it a successful and positive year.

Our online, Anxiety UK Approved Therapist-led, anxiety management 6-week course runs on a weekly basis at 6pm for 1 hour each week and is open to Anxiety UK members and non-members aged 18+.    The course equips participants with information and anxiety management strategies based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Secure your place on the next course here.

Please note: course start dates are subject to change and are dependent on sufficient bookings being achieved. In the event of a course becoming fully booked, we will transfer your booking to the next available course.

“The therapist who led the course was an absolute delight to work with. She was very sensitive, professional and kind.  Her calming, soothing voice and attitude were certainly a bonus. She was also a great group facilitator; allowing everyone to speak and bringing back the conversations to the topic/moving us onto the next subject, when needed.”

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Anxiety support groups:

Our support groups offer a safe space for people aged 18+ to share experiences of anxiety and coping strategies with others in a supportive environment. Groups are facilitated online (via Zoom) by experienced Anxiety UK group facilitators and run:

Thursdays at 7pm and Sundays at 6pm.   Places are offered at £1.10 for Anxiety UK members and £11.00 for non-members. Email: [email protected] to get your discount coupon if you’re a member.

Secure your group place here.

You will receive a booking confirmation email upon making your booking. Zoom details are sent out a day before the group takes place. If you haven’t received this information by noon on the day that the group takes place, please check your spam or junk folders before sending an email to: [email protected] for further support.

Please note that appointments cannot be scheduled less than 2 hours before the start of the group.

Anxiety UK reserves the right not to hold a group in the event that the minimum booking number (6) is not achieved.  In such instances, any bookings will be transferred to the next available group session, and email confirmation sent. Bookings for Sunday group sessions must therefore be made by 4pm on the preceeding Friday.

“The support group is amazing. It is difficult to access anxiety help where I live so the group provides the opportunity to share and support others. The facilitator always manages to keep the conversation flowing and it all feels very natural.”

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Art for Anxiety Relief course:

Art for Anxiety Relief is a six-week, hourly online course for people aged 18+, facilitated by artists with different styles/genres  of art/creative activities:

Designed to focus on the benefits of art in the management of anxiety, Art for Anxiety Relief is open to both Anxiety UK members and non-members and is delivered via Zoom. Book your place here.

Click on book your place now to see what is available for 2024!

You will receive a booking confirmation email upon making your booking and a list of materials for each course will also be provided in advance. Zoom details are sent out a day before the course takes place. If you haven’t received this information, please check your junk folders before emailing: [email protected]

Anxiety UK reserves the right not to deliver a course in the event that the minimum booking number (8) is not achieved.  In such instances, any bookings will be transferred to the next available course, and email confirmation sent.

“Wow. The Art for Anxiety course was absolutely brilliant. I am not artistic in any way so I was a bit apprehensive before the course. I need not have worried at all. It was so interesting.”

CrochetStart 2024 on the right foot and join us every Monday at 7pm for an hour  starting 15th January for our Crochet Course, a six week course  via zoom that provides a new skill as well as a tool to manage stress and anxiety.

Through hand movements, repetitive motions, and vibrant colours, learn how to crochet and create your own snood.

With limited spaces available, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to kick off the New Year feeling more relaxed and in control of anxiety. Sign up now and start your journey to finding your inner peace.

Facilitated by Leigh, This beginners crochet course is perfect for anyone looking to get started with the creative art of crochet. As well as learning a fun, new craft, you’ll also learn how to explore a different way to relax, be mindful, and maintain good mental health – all in a creative way.

Contemporary – Degard is a British contemporary visionary painter who offers people an ability to broaden their perceptions, know themselves more deeply and to lose fears around art making in a highly supportive environment.

Mandala – Amy Diener is a Bangkok-based artist from New York with lived experience of OCD, who specialises in vibrant dot paintings.  Amy uses art as a coping mechanism to relieve anxiety and through the course, will teach techniques that she has found helpful in the management of anxiety. 

Illustration – Ruby is an illustrator who uses her creative medium to communicate her experience of anxiety to those around her. She will guide you through understanding illustration techniques such as movement, scale and watercolour to apply to drawings that capture a specific emotion or memory.

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Yes, a materials list will be emailed to you in advance. This will outline the materials and suggestions on where to procure them and any alternatives to keep costs down.

Inclusion criteria
  • You are have an interest in art and would like to use art as a distraction from anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression.
  • You are ready, willing and able to commit to attending the Art for Anxiety Relief sessions.
Exclusion criteria
  • You have acute behavioural agitation (treated mania and psychosis).
  • You have acute psychosis and a pre-existing diagnosis of severe and enduring, unstable mental illness
  • You have a diagnosis of personality disorder at a severe/complex level
  • You have a moderate and severe impairment of cognitive function (e.g. dementia); or moderate and severe impairment due to autistic spectrum problems or learning disabilities
  • You have an alcohol or drug issue that is at a level which is highly likely to interfere with your ability to fully engage with group sessions.
  • You are under 18.

No, you do not need any prior art/craft experience to join an AfAR course, it is aimed at anxiety relief and not artistic prowess. Our facilitators will guide you through the techniques to ensure this.

Sessions are delivered over six weekly one hour sessions.
Groups are a maximum 15 people per course.
AfAR is delivered over Zoom.

We offer a range of art and creative activities from furniture restoration techniques to classical art and vibrant dot paintings. Information on artists can be seen within the course description.

Service Age Limit
Therapy 18+
Peer Support Groups 18+
AfAR 18+
Therapist Led Anxiety Management 18+
Calm Club 18+
Helpline Any age
Helping your child CBT for parents For parents with children aged between 5-12
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