Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here

Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here


Anxiety disorders form the most common type of mental illness (Penninx, Pine, Holmes & Reif, 2021) yet globally are underdiagnosed and undertreated (Alonso et al., 2018).

Now, more than ever, it makes sense for the global anxiety community to come together to meet the rising demand for services and support.

Anxiety UK is therefore leading on the development of a network of like-minded, not-for profit, anxiety organisations; building a global anxiety alliance with the aim of:

  • Furthering understanding of anxiety through sharing of good practice, knowledge, information, research, and where possible, resources.
  • Furthering the development and expansion of support services for those affected by anxiety.

If your organisation would like to join this informal, friendly, supportive network, please contact: [email protected]

Progress to date:

We’re proud to have already been joined by the following anxiety organisations:

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South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
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