Virtual Bake Sale

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  • Virtual Cup Of Sweet Matcha Latte

    It's bright green and good for you, what's not to like?

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  • Virtual Cup Of Takeaway Coffee

    Piping hot and straight from your favourite coffee shop. You know, the one on the corner near the bus stop?

  • Virtual Cupcake

    This cute little cupcake is frosted in all the colours of the rainbow, dusted in glitter and covered in tiny white chocolate virtual stars. Fancy or what?

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  • Virtual Easter Basket Cake

    Ah, the classic easter basket cake. We all remember these from school; the cornflakes stirred into melted chocolate, sneaking a few mini eggs yourself before the teacher noticed. The holidays can be a particularly stressful and anxiety-inducing time for many people, and a good time to be mindful and compassionate towards others.

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  • Virtual Mug Of Spiced Chai Latte

    This warming mug of chai latte is a deliciously fragrant blend of virtual cinnamon, virtual fennel seed and virtual green cardamom. We have a Calm Cake, and this is surely our stab at a Calm Latte!

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  • Virtual Slice Of Blueberry Cheeecake

    Move over, New York Cheesecake - there's a new sheriff in town in the form of Anxiety UK's Virtual Mancunian Cheesecake!

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  • Virtual Slice Of Chocolate Fudge Cake

    A moist chocolate sponge held together by sticky, sweet frosting. The best thing about this Virtual Chocolate Fudge Cake is that ordering a slice online means it's virtually guilt-free! Did you know? A cake actually exists calls the Chocolate Depression Cake. However, it actually got it's name from the Great Depression where milk, sugar, butter or...

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  • Virtual Slice Of Fruit Cake

    Almonds and cherries, and zesty big lemons. Candied berries and a handful of raisins... These are a few of my favourite things...

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  • Virtual Slice Of Official #CalmCake

    A virtual slice of Apple & Cinnamon Loaf, the warming spice and fruity sweetness guaranteeing you a virtually relaxing afternoon treat! The official flavour of Anxiety UK's #CalmCake fundraising incentive, buying a slice of this cake will give you access to a recipe card to bake and create a #CalmCake of your own!

  • Virtual Slice Of Pecan Pie

    We all go a little nutty on occasion, and what better way than by tucking into a slice of our virtual pecan pie. Best served with virtual vanilla ice-cream!

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  • Virtual Whole Victoria Sponge

    Donate to Anxiety UK by ordering the timeless classic, the Virtual Victoria Sponge. The soft, springy cake with delectable strawberry jam and cream filling is an essential addition to any table!