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Self-care tools

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Self-care tips:

Here are some of our top tips:

  • Practice breathing and relaxation regularly (even when you feel ok) to keep anxiety levels low. Have tools at your disposal to use when you start to feel overwhelmed.
  • Ensure you are eating well and exercising – both have a huge effect on mood and anxiety! Read more about ‘nutrition and anxiety’ here:
  • When you feel panicked, drink a glass of warm water (not boiling) as this can help soothe the nervous system. Try herbal teas, especially ones that contain the herb valerian, as this can be helpful.
  • Write a list of your worries – seeing things on paper helps put concerns into perspective and can assist with helping you to create a plan for managing anxiety.
  • Keep busy with hobbies, yoga, colouring, or other crafts, reading a book and, chatting to friends/family.
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