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  • Anxiety UK Fundraising Guide (digital download)

    Interested in raising money for Anxiety UK? Help us raise awareness and reduce the despair caused by anxiety by fundraising for our charity. You can download our digital fundraising guide for ideas on what to do and how to approach organising your own event.

  • Anxiety UK Lottery Ticket

    For just £1 a week you can be entered into the new Anxiety UK lottery, giving you the chance of winning £25,000 every Saturday. For each £1 entry, you’ll get a six digit lottery number. The more entries you purchase the greater your chance of winning. Each entry benefits our charity and helps us continue...

  • Anxiety UK’s #CalmCake Recipe Card

    Baking can be an extremely relaxing activity. Like other mindfulness techniques, baking draws your focus to smell and taste. The act of mixing ingredients together can be a relaxing experience, taking a rolling pin to ruminating thoughts. Plus bakers will gain the satisfaction of having created something new - and eating it too! Simply download the...

  • Anxiety UK’s Coffee Morning Kit

    Raising money for Anxiety UK couldn't be simpler with our Coffee Morning Kit. Help us raise awareness and reduce the despair caused by anxiety by organising your own event or challenge. Included in the pack is: Our Fundraising Guide explaining how to go about planning and organising an event Information on our #CalmCakes baking challenge,...

  • Donate Monthly

    Supporting Anxiety UK enables us to continue our work helping others manage their anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression. Every donation is important to us; as a self-funded charity it allows us to do everything from keeping the lights on to developing new resources and services. By becoming a Friend of Anxiety UK (FAUK) donor, your...

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