Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here

Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here


Podcasts & webinars

May 2024 – we are joined in this episode by the Chief Executive of Mind Over Mountains, Ian Sansbury, to discuss the mental health benefits of walking in nature and mindfulness in an unhurried, unpressurised setting.

April 2024 – In this episode we are joined by Allen Tran, an associate professor of anthropology at Bucknell University.

November 2023 – In this episode we talk to Dr Andrew Rosen about the link between sex and anxiety, whether that is the cause of your anxieties or a consequence of your anxiety.

October 2023 – In this episode we’re joined by Freya, a member of our participation group, who talks bout the benefits of gardening for our anxiety and wellbeing while sharing some specific tips on what to do in your garden at this time of year.

August 2023 – In this episode we talk to Dr Laith Alexander about the potential role of ketamine as a treatment option for anxiety.

May 2023 – In this episode we explore the role of community pharmacists and how they can help you manage your anxiety, with Dr Hayley Gorton and Prof. Ian Maidment.

April 2023 – Exploring the different treatment options for Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) with Prof David Baldwin, Head of the Mental Health Group in the Clinical and Experimental Sciences Academic Unit of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton in the UK.

March 2023 – Supporting Anxiety UK, Co-Creation MD Dave Harrison talks about his support for Anxiety UK

February 2023 –  ‘How acts of kindness can help us feel better about ourselves’, with David Cregg (formerly of The Ohio State University).

January 2023 – ‘Men and anxiety’, with Anxiety UK Approved Therapist, Mats Kolbjornsen.

Scheduled webinars
Details of scheduled webinars will be listed here when confirmed.

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