Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here

Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here


Anxiety UK Fundraising

First of all, thank you for deciding to fundraise for Anxiety UK. We know that there are lots of other charities out there, so we’re very grateful that you’ve chosen us.

Our charity would not exist were it not for the time and support that we receive from our army of volunteers and supporters. Because we do not receive any government funding, we rely on the generosity of our supporters and fundraisers like yourself in order to continue to provide essential services to those affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression.

Please note: for fundraising events (e.g. marathons, 10km runs, etc.), we don’t purchase charity places. If you’d like to take part in one of these events and fundraise for Anxiety UK, simply register for the event and then create your Just Giving fundraising page.

If you have any questions or queries about fundraising with Anxiety UK, please email [email protected].

Just Giving

Already planned your fundraising event?
Please sign up to Just Giving, our preferred fundraising platform to get started!

Not sure where to start

Download our fundraising packs below for some helpful tips and ideas!

Just want to donate

Click the link below to donate or scan the QR code to above make a fast fuss free donation.

Fundraising pack

Fundraising inspiration

Fundraising resources

Benefits of fundraising

Do good for us

Anxiety UK is a not-for-profit organisation, wholly self-sufficient, relying on the kindness of fundraisers, donors and the income generated from the provision of our own services to fund the charity. We care passionately about supporting people living with anxiety and your support through fundraising and kind donations can help us to deliver the vital services to those who need our support

Do good for you

A 2022 study, (Cregg & Cheavens, 2022) found that acts of kindness not only benefit the recipient but you as the supporter. This means that not only does your act of kindness benefit Anxiety UK, it may also have a positive effect on you too!

Do good for the environment

As a charity that supports those affected by anxiety, we recognise that mental health and the planet’s wellbeing are intrinsically linked and understand the importance and urgency of addressing environmental issues and climate change. Underlining that commitment, we have pledged to plant a tree for every fundraiser that raises £100 or more. So, sign up to fundraise for Anxiety UK today and help us to PROTECT the environment – IMPROVE mental health – REDUCE anxiety

Fundraising form

Just Giving is our preferred fundraising platform as it’s the easiest way to fundraise. It is a platform that lets you create a page for your fundraising event and receive donations online securely. You can create your fundraising page and collect donations using the following link: If you are signing up to Just Giving, you do not need to input your details in the form below.

What our fundraisers say about us

I ran/cycled 200k for Anxiety UK in May 2022. I had contact from the charity from the moment I decided what I was doing and am still in contact with them now. I’ve never had a charity be so involved and genuinely interested in what I was doing and felt really supported all the way through. They posted on their social media about my event, checked in with me, congratulated me, nominated me for an award and reached out asking me if I’d like to be a part of additional things. It made the challenge even more rewarding for me and I can’t wait to hopefully work with them more in the future. Everyone I had contact with was so incredibly friendly.

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