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If you have a product, service or event that you would like to deliver in partnership with Anxiety UK, our 'informal and commercial partnership' route might be appropriate, and can be progressed by completing the form below. Please note: as we receive many informal and commercial partnership requests, we are only able to respond to those in which a significant benefit to Anxiety UK is evident and which contribute to furthering our aim and objectives.

We also offer a review service for products such as books, apps etc. and can also assist with promoting research opportunities for ongoing studies via our various communications channels. For more information on product/book/app reviews or research, email: [email protected] or visit our 'research page'.


We’re unable to endorse any products or services. This includes the use of the Anxiety UK brand in any form (including quotes from our key staff,
the use of our logo, and sharing/liking/re-tweeting on social media etc.) without an agreed partnership being in place.

Other options

An Informal or Commercial partnership may not be the right route for you. Why not consider choosing Anxiety UK as your organisation's ‘Charity of the Year’ - see here.

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