Charity of the year

Choose Anxiety UK as your charity

You probably know someone has been personally affected by anxiety. It might be a colleague who struggles with panic attacks; a family member who has a phobia; or it might be your own difficulties in managing stress and anxiety. Or your organisation might be receiving an increasing number of enquiries from members who are struggling with anxiety and stress.

If your company, sports society or even your family and friends are looking for a charity to support this year, we’d love you to choose Anxiety UK. Your help will go a long way to help us support the thousands of people that contact us because they’re experiencing anxiety.

Anxiety UK was established in 1970 by Katharine Fisher, who had personal experience of living with anxiety. Today, we still retain our original, ‘user-led’ ethos - being run by and for those living with or affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression.

We have the prestigious accreditation of the APPTS - a programme that works with psychological therapy services in the UK to assure and improve their quality. APPTS is a joint venture between the Royal College of Psychiatrists and The British Psychological Society.

Make a difference!

£5,000 will enable us to give a grant to support research into anxiety through our Katharine & Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund.

£10,000 could fund the production of a tailored guide on anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression for 2,500 people.

£20,000 would pay for our national Infoline to answer over 7,500 calls from people experiencing high levels of distress and who need support to help with the management of anxiety and fear.

If you make Anxiety UK your Charity of the Year, you’ll receive regular updates on how your funds are being used to support those living with anxiety. We’ll also be able to offer you or your organisation coverage through, for example, articles in our quarterly Anxious Times magazine; updates; and engagement on our social media channels.

For more information on how you can support Anxiety UK through a Charity of the Year initiative, please contact or on 0161 226 7727.

Help others by providing advice and support to those in need.