• “Almost one in five people feel anxious a lot
    or all the time, while nearly half feel more
    anxious than they used to.”

    Almost one in five people feel anxious
  • “Research from the National Union of Students (NUS)
    shows that 20% of students experience mental
    health difficulties while at university.”

    20% of students experience mental health difficulties
  • “One in eight youngsters between the ages
    of 10 and 15 reported symptoms of mental ill-health.”

    One in eight youngsters
  • “Work related stress, anxiety and depression is
    costing the UK’s economy an estimated £70-100
    billion annually and 70 million sick days per year.”

    Work related stress
  • “A quarter of cases of General Anxiety
    Disorder occur in the over-50s, but only a
    third receive treatment.”

    General Anxiety Disorder occur in the over-50s
  • RT @itaffectsme: "46% of people with mental health problems have considered suicide due to social factors such as debt and benefits:" https
  • Anxiety UK is keen to recruit more CBT therapists to support us, especially in the Sheffield area. Email services@anxietyuk for details
  • Anxiety UK can offer your support group, society etc a reduced cost for therapy with our Group Memberships https://t.co/I2LV3MUmjJ
  • Take a walk in the great outdoors this bank holiday and #keepanxietyaway https://t.co/AaF05gIWHc
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