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  • Pick Me Up Book Series

    Dr Chris William’s popular Pick Me Up series uses CBT techniques to provide quick advice on how to manage your anxiety and mood. Identify and change negative thoughts and behaviours with these handy little guides. From Why Do I Feel So Bad? From The Things You Do That Mess you Up

  • Pick Me Up Dental Series

    Do you or your child live in fear of visiting the dentist? Do you need more motivation booking that dreaded checkup appointment? Dr Chris Williams' Pick Me Up series is an inspiring, relatable set of booklets, aimed at acknowledging your worries and managing your anxiety. Your Teeth You Are In Control How To Help Your Child...

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  • Pick Me Up Series (Collection)

    Nine of the popular Pick Me Up books by Chris Williams. Using CBT techniques, they provide quick advice on how to manage anxiety and mood. Books included in the set are: 10 Things You Can Do To Feel Happier Straight Away, Why Do I Feel So Bad?, How To Fix Almost Everything, I’m Not Good Enough,...

  • Pick Me Up Trio

    Combining three of our bestselling Pick Me Up books written by Dr Chris Williams, the trio of booklets provide useful tips and advice for managing your anxiety and identifying its triggers. Presented in a brightly coloured, relatable way, these books are ideal to give as a gift or keep to hand during a difficult event....

  • Are you strong enough to keep your temper?

    This is part of Dr Chris William's popular Pick Me Up series. Using CBT techniques, it provides quick advice on how to manage anxiety and mood. The publishers of this book will make a donation from each sale to Anxiety UK.

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