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  • Success by Ursula James aromatherapy candle

    A pure white candle in an elegant round jar, this candle is designed to create and prolong a relaxing, focused state. Lightly scented with almonds and frankincense, this aroma will create a unique mood. Enjoy 40 hours total burn time.

  • Calm Keys

    The Torbay & South Devon NHS Trust Foundation and Anxiety UK have come together to produce Calm Keys – a set of cards with support contacts, tips and advice for managing your anxiety, all in a handy mobile key fob.

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  • Smiley Stress Ball

    Stress balls are wonderful for relieving tension and pent up frustration. Many people will find that when they are going through a period of stress they feel the need to do something with their hands. Stress balls are a cheap alternative to the incessant hand movements that some people find annoying. They can be squeezed...

  • Stressdots™ Cards

    Reinforce stress awareness with this perfect cost effective stress relief product which gives you instant feedback on your stress levels. This Stressdot™ card contains 10 Stressdots™. Stressdot™ is a registered trade mark of StressCHECK Ltd. Minimum order requirement: 2 units We are selling this product through StressCheck, a leading supplier in stress products. You will...

  • Yellow Stretchy Men

    This is an excellent stress relief product, designed to relieve tension and pent up frustration. They demonstrate the point "How far can you stretch yourself before breaking point". Our stretchy man is 5cm tall when not stretched and his maximum height is up to you! This is not a Toy. Minimum order requirement: 20 units...

  • Anxiety UK Approved Therapist CPD Event – recognising trauma

    Anxiety UK Recognising and treating trauma training event - 3rd October 2018 The Mechanics Centre 103 Princess Street Manchester M1 6DD Recognising and treating trauma and dissociation in simple and complex trauma clients         Learning objectives Understand trauma and dissociative disorders and how they impact on daily function. Learn how to recognise trauma and dissociation and...

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  • Research Listing Payment – Website Listing

    Please make your payment here, we will reconcile this with your research request listing. If you are unable to pay by this method please request an invoice from info@anxietyuk.org.uk Please refer to our research and advertising disclaimer before making a payment, which can be found on our advertising rates card.