Anxiety UK Membership

From: £40.00 / year



Individual membership allows you to get access to an extensive range of support services and membership entitlements. This membership includes access to reduced-cost therapy through Anxiety UK with fees based upon your annual household income. Upon receipt of your therapy application forms and initial payment, we aim to get you an appointment within two weeks.

If you are renewing your membership please ensure that you are signed in to the members area of the website before you make your purchase.

Please note: To comply with Consumer Contracts Legislation, Anxiety UK will not supply your digital membership content within 14 days unless you give your express consent that you wish to receive your digital Anxiety UK membership pack forthwith and accept this is within the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period by ticking the relevant box. You will then forfeit any right to cancel this membership. What this means: Once you register with Anxiety UK and your order is completed, you will be sent your membership pack and Headspace details within 2-5 working days. Once you are receipt of these, your membership cannot be refunded.

Please note – it may take up to 5 working days for us to activate your Headspace access, please only contact us if you are unable to register after 5 working days has elapsed.

If you have not received your pack after this time, please contact