Helpline: 03444 775 774   |   Text support: 07537 416 905   (open Mon-Fri 10:30-16:30)

Helpline: 03444 775 774 (M-F 10.30-4.30pm)
Text: 07537 416 905



TAUK to us

Our TAUK to us service provides personalised support and information for anyone living with anxiety.

We’ve over 50 years experience of providing support, and have a personal interest in helping make the despair caused by anxiety, a thing of the past.

Our friendly advisors are here to listen and help you find a way forward. Maybe you just want to talk, or perhaps are looking for a plan, either way we are here to help. Book a 30 minute confidential call for just £25.

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TAUK to us

Anxiety support groups

Our support groups offer a safe space for people aged 18+ to share experiences of anxiety and coping strategies with others in a supportive environment. Groups are facilitated online (via Zoom) by experienced Anxiety UK group facilitators and run:

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Anxiety support groups
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