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Chris Volunteer

Hi everyone. You may already know about all of our services, but if anyone is interested in we have courses and support groups you can join, that are low in cost once you’re a member. I thought it maybe relevant as Ryan stated he wishes to get to know others more. You can find the link here:

This link shows all groups and courses that we offer and in particular there is an Anxiety Support Group, which is a peer support group. Our support groups offer a safe space for people aged 18+ to share experiences of anxiety and coping strategies with others in a supportive environment. Groups are facilitated online (via Zoom) by experienced Anxiety UK group facilitators and run:

Thursdays at 7pm and Sundays at 6pm. Places are offered at £1.10 for Anxiety UK members. Email: [email protected] to get your discount coupon if you’re a member and you are interested in joining our peer support group. You can join in as much or as little as you feel comfortable to do so.


Chris V32

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