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Hi both,

I can relate to what you’ve both said. Abi especially with the living around anxiety. Techniques in the past that I thought were helping my anxiety such as avoiding people and validating myself as an ‘introvert’ were really, for me, just a way of avoiding needing to deal with the anxiety of being around people. I’m glad you’re working on that course though.

Has anybody ever heard of the ‘living life to the full’ course? That’s the one I’m doing atm. I’m on the NHS waiting list for therapy (I was going to pay for it privately but juggling the extra £300 a month just made my anxiety worse), and they recommend it while you’re waiting. It’s probably the same stuff – CTB skills, the vicious circle and stuff. Thing is it’s all actually really helpful, with me I just have to get past the initial feeling of hopelessness. “what’s the point?” “I know all of this” etc.

I sat down to it the other day and was very pleasantly surprised :’) Little baby steps for me I think.

And yeah Liz I totally understand what you mean. I think my anxiety comes about with big changes too. My first major episode came when I was in my teens, I moved away from home and everything being so new and having so many different ‘first time’ experiences opened a lot of anxiety up that I’m still dealing with today. I don’t think I understood the gravity of the change that was about to happen, then when it came it was more than I could process, and anxiety filled that gap. That’s my theory at least.

All the luck for your daughter’s move. Hopefully all the resources and stuff will be a help 🙂 It’s nice to meet others also dealing with anxiety too. Glad this post didn’t fail miserably :’)

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