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Rob Y

Hi all – new member here too!

I feel your pain Gareth; I started on Sertraline about a year ago and was prescribed 50mg straight out of the gate. My anxiety is health related, and although it was difficult, it was manageable. The 48-72 hours after starting Sertraline were just the absolute worst. Dissasociation, heart going a million miles an hour, anxiety through the roof, anything and everything!

I decided to cut my dose in half after the 3rd day as it was unbearable and told my doctor what I had done. They talked me through my response and agreed that halving would be a good idea. A year on I’m still taking it and it has helped no end. 25mg was much more manageable.

I am NOT recommending you do this, but I AM saying that you can take control of the situation and speak with your doctor as you have said. Irreperable damage is very unlikely, starting any sort of drug can be very very unpleasant.

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