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LGBT+ History Month 2023
In the UK, February is LGBT+ history month and the theme for 2023 is ‘Behind the Lens’ – which celebrates the contributions of the LGBT+ community to film and cinema from behind the lens.

Anxiety in the LGBTQ+ community
According to Stonewall’s 2018 Health Report, ‘a worrying number of LGBT people have experienced depression, anxiety, had suicidal thoughts or even attempted to take their own life’ in the previous year and that ‘LGBT people are at a higher risk of experiencing common mental health problems than the general population’. Although rates of anxiety, depression, and anxiety related conditions are higher amongst the queer community compared to the general population, it is also reported that 14% of LGBTQ+ people avoid seeking support due to fear of discrimination.

Anxiety UK and LGBTQ+ Community
Here at Anxiety UK, we are proud of our equality and inclusivity work and are committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to all. Our small staff team recently completed Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) across the charity which helped us identify further steps that we could take to make our support offer even better. We understand that anyone can be impacted by anxiety; it doesn’t discriminate and so we’re here for anyone who needs our support. We offer quick and affordable access to therapeutic support for individuals aged 18 and over. For more information on therapies offered, please see here. For information on other support services that we offer, please see here.

Supporting someone with anxiety
For those supporting someone with anxiety who identifies as LGBTQ+, listening to their needs is the best first step to helping. We have a ‘caregivers guide to anxiety’ booklet which offers information and advice to individuals supporting those with anxiety, see here.

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