Therapy locations

Due to COVID-19, we are continuing to offer therapy delivered online and by phone. However, in some instances we are able to consider offering face to face therapy support and this will be suggested on a case by case basis. Any recommendation for face to face therapy will only be made where there are exceptional circumstances and the request will be initially assessed by an Anxiety UK member of staff.

The map below shows our current therapy locations. Our therapists availability is subject to change basis, therefore it’s important to tell us your first, second and third location preferences if you are requesting face-to-face therapy.

If you have any issues using the map, please email: for advice. Counselling, CFT, CBT and clinical hypnotherapy are also available via webcam. Only counselling, compassion focused therapy and CBT are available via phone.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Therapist is skilled in more than one type of therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy and other

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