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With all the changes over the last couple of years, it is no surprise that the dental system in our country has been affected as well.  Special care dentist Sean Skene explains what’s changed, and what people with dental anxiety need to be aware of in the current climate.


The lockdowns and restrictions have been the perfect reason that some of us have used to push back our dental appointments.  Avoidance of visiting and making contact with dentist is an easy escape and we can justify all too easily hanging back whilst we ‘let the dentist catch up’ or ‘they’re too busy, let the more urgent people go first’. Maintaining our oral care is essential to so much of our enjoyment of life and delaying visiting can put us at risk.  As dentistry, and the NHS as a whole, remobilises you may find appointments are further away than previously experienced  in the years before COVID.  The longer you hold off then the further you may be placed down the waiting list when problems do occur.  I would advise you to make contact as soon as possible, but in the same breath be prepared for a wait before you can be seen.

The recent changes to COVID regulations bring us closer to life as we remember it.  NHS and private practices are mobilised and the range of treatments available has returned to normal so please don’t hesitate and call your dentist now.

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