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  • How I manage with anxiety – guest post

    by Rebbecca Murray I have just finished my undergraduate degree and am currently studying for a master’s in child and adolescent mental health at university. When I was in my teenage years that was when my anxiety disorder seemed to be too overwhelming (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK – tips for coping at Christmas

    We know many people can feel anxious over the Christmas period and become especially anxious about social gatherings during the festive period; it’s quite common. People who experience anxiety and particularly social anxiety can feel pressure to attend (Read more…)

  • Say NO to the MRI “Tunnel”…

    By Professor Francis Smith of Medserena Upright Open MRI Centres We conducted some research recently and were surprised to find that nearly a third of people in the UK suffer from claustrophobia at some point in their lives.  This fear of small spaces (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK teams up with Music Week Women In Music Awards 2018

    There’s just a week to go until the Music Week Women In Music Awards 2018, and the latest partner for the prestigious industry event has been revealed as Anxiety UK. Produced in association with AIM, UK Music and WIN, the ceremony takes place at The Br (Read more…)

  • Book Review: Be A Warrior, Not A Worrier by Hayley Silk

      Be A Warrior, Not a Worrier is a self-help book by Hayley Silk. We tasked our Participation Group volunteer Nick with taking a look at the book and giving us his thoughts ***     A counsellor I saw several years ago once told me that i (Read more…)

  • Helping Students Combat Stress – guest blog

    Guest blog written by Sophie Proctor on behalf of NatWest Helping Students Combat Stress For the majority of students, university is their first time living away from home, away from all the comforts they’re used to. This alone can cause feelings of an (Read more…)


    First time buyers are sacrificing health, relationships and careers to reach the first rung of the housing ladder Almost half (47%) of recent first time buyers have had to rebuild their lives due to the compromises made to buy a home However, over seve (Read more…)

  • Could you be our Charity of the Year?

    Over the years, we have been delighted to have been selected as Charity of the Year by a range of different organisations. The relationships we have built up through these partnerships have been mutually beneficial and valuable and have helped us gain (Read more…)

  • My Puppy Anxiety

    When my husband and I decided to get a puppy we did our research and felt we were prepared, but when we brought home our 8 week-old puppy, Archie, I found myself completely overwhelmed. Getting a puppy made me even more anxious than usual. I felt like (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK partners with videoDoc to launch online and app-based therapy service

    Manchester, 13th June, 2018 – Anxiety UK, the UK’s leading anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression charity, has partnered with videoDoc, online doctor service and digital health technology providers, to develop an online therapy platform and mobil (Read more…)

  • REVIEW: Anxiety Is Really Strange

    Anxiety Is Really Strange is a graphic novella by Steve Haines & Sophie Standing. We tasked our Participation Group volunteer Rachael with taking a look at the book and giving us her thoughts.  * * * * * “Anxiety Is Really Strange” – isn’t it just! (Read more…)

  • Martin Plowman Interviewed By Motorsport Magazine

    Image credit: @Plowey via twitter Martin Plowman, British GT racer and celebrity patron of Anxiety UK, has been featured in a recent edition of Motorsport magazine. Martin, who has previously been vocal in speaking about his own experience with anxiety (Read more…)

  • REVIEW: My Anxiety Handbook

    My Anxiety Handbook is an anxiety ‘survival guide’ for young people aged 12-18. Co-authored by psychologists and a young person with anxiety, it looks at the causes of anxiety and offers exercises to reduce the reader’s anxiety. The book includes chapt (Read more…)

  • Run For Your Life: Mindful Running for a Happy Life

    William Pullen is a psychotherapist who helps people to work through their issues using his revolutionary method, Dynamic Running Therapy. Here he writes about the benefits of exercise and mindful running.    The physical and mental health benefit (Read more…)

  • Perfectly Anxious: Clinical Perfectionism & How To Handle It

    Perfectionism. Having high standards for ourselves inspires us to do the best we can, approaching life with motivation and ambition. Perfectionism can be healthy in this regard, but when it becomes unhealthy and turns into ‘clinical perfectionism’ (som (Read more…)

  • Alcohol and mental health: can booze raise your stress?

    Highly demanding jobs, money worries and relationships issues, they can all add up to make our stress levels soar. But, can stress and other mental health issues be further fueled by the alcohol that we drink in our day to day lives? As reported by the (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Discuss Coping With Stress In The Workplace

    Mental health awareness is crucially important and those familiar with the work of Anxiety UK will know how deeply we care about confronting the issue of anxiety-based depression in our society. For mental health awareness week 2018, the theme is ‘stre (Read more…)

  • Working Together: Supporting Your Employees With Stress In The Workplace

    In 2016/17 stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 40% of all work-related ill-health cases. A staggering statistic, especially since this totals around 12.5 million sick days. More than ever, it is important that companies are able to recognise t (Read more…)

  • Having A Successful Career And Managing Anxiety (Guest Post)

    Growing up with anxiety, particularly levels of social anxiety, made me think I would never be able to take part in the same life everyone else would. The mental image I created of a career; of the businesswoman presenting to a room of people, would se (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK stress survey highlights importance of raising awareness

      To mark this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May) theme of ‘stress’,  Anxiety UK launched its own stress test, asking visitors to their website if they are experiencing any of the common symptoms. 838 people responded and 64% people s (Read more…)

  • Volunteering at Anxiety UK – by Katie Nunwick

    Katie Nunwick writes about her experience volunteering at Anxiety UK for one week in April. My employer NHS England has a volunteer leave policy which means that colleagues can take up to 37.5 hours paid leave each year. This is a real privilege and ta (Read more…)

  • How I Manage My Intrusive Thoughts (Guest Post)

    I’ve lived with anxiety for 3 years. While I manage it a lot better now, I still have good days and bad days. I’ve tried CBT and various self-help techniques which have provided me with a bank of coping strategies. Anxiety has many symptoms and each pe (Read more…)

  • The Psychological Fear of Failure (Guest Post)

    In order to overcome the many failures I have had to deal with, I decided to view them as learning curves with the use of the mantra “there is no failure, only feedback”; I am now convinced that with each failure comes wisdom and knowledge, coupled wit (Read more…)

  • Stress Awareness Month: Are You Taking Care Of Your Mental Health?

    Stress. It’s a common part of life but can often leave us feeling upset, burnt out and overloaded. In a fast-paced modern world with many responsibilities it can be easy to forget to look after ourselves properly and fall prone to the effects of stress (Read more…)

  • Smear Test Anxiety (guest blog)

    This is a guest blog written by Imogen Pinnell, Senior Information Offer at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, which talks through tips and suggestions to make going for a smear test for people affected by anxiety less challenging, and signposts to more infor (Read more…)

  • Five steps to a good night’s sleep (guest blog)

    We all know the difference that sleep can make to our wellbeing. After a bad night it can become harder to rationalise our worries and anxieties whilst day to day challenges can start to feel overwhelming. The amount of sleep we need varies according t (Read more…)

  • Exercise and Anxiety (guest blog)

    Exercising when you have anxiety can be quite a challenge but it’s a great way to relieve stress and keep your mind as well as your body healthy. Jane has collated her best tips for Anxiety UK on how to keep your body active and healthy and in turn man (Read more…)

  • Get Baking For Charity with Anxiety UK!

    We’re launching some new and exciting new projects aimed at raising awareness of anxiety, by encouraging an open conversation on the issues that affect anyone with the condition. And what better place to have such a discussion than over a cup of tea an (Read more…)

  • Parcel2Go and Anxiety UK  

    Anxiety UK are delighted to announce a new partnership with Parcel2Go who are generously supporting circulation of our quarterly magazine Anxious Times. Anxious Times has been in circulation for almost 50 years and supports our members with the latest (Read more…)

  • REVIEW: Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness

        Everyone feels foolish, embarrassed, judged or criticised at times, but this becomes a problem when it undermines their confidence and prevents them from doing what they want to do on a daily basis. Social anxiety and shyness are cripplin (Read more…)

  • Three steps to overcoming dental anxiety

    New Year resolutions may be a distant memory for many, but if you resolved to get to the dentist in 2018, there’s still plenty of time to make it a reality. Dr Javariah Jabbar, Dentist and Oral Surgeon at Centre for Dentistry offers her advice on beati (Read more…)

  • How I Broke Up With My Anxiety

    At the beginning, we were fine. My anxiety and I had a normal relationship. We’d fight occasionally but for the most part we worked together, supporting each other through the difficult times. Then, things changed. My anxiety started finding fault in e (Read more…)

  • #Boots2anxiety competition

    #Boots2Anxiety is an exciting and unique fundraising initiative that was the brain child of our celebrity patron and British GT racing driver Martin Plowman. Martin has shown himself to be an incredibly successful racing driver, becoming both a Le Mans (Read more…)

  • Social Anxiety and Photography (guest blog)

    I have had anxiety since I was very young. Looking back, it had bothered me when I was invited to my little friend’s birthday parties around the age of 5 upwards in fact to any party or occasion I was invited to throughout my adult life too. I used to (Read more…)

  • Well-being of Lawyers to be cross examined by new research fund recipient

    WELL-BEING OF LAWYERS TO BE CROSS EXAMINED AS ANXIETY UK ANNOUNCE LATEST RESEARCH FUND RECIPIENT The well-being of lawyers will be the subject of a qualitative research project funded by Anxiety UK’s Katharine & Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund. (Read more…)

  • Mountain biking to better mental health (guest blog)

      It’s January 2016. I find myself in the middle of my Masters degree, having recently turned 30 and having recently been dumped. My stress levels are through the roof and my self-esteem is rock bottom. Things feel bleak.   Getting outside in (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Therapy Services

      What therapy does Anxiety UK offer? Accessing talking therapy support, available at discount rates for all Anxiety UK members, can be one of the most effective ways to support your anxiety. At Anxiety UK we understand that seeking professional h (Read more…)

  • Finding Strength in Anxiety (guest blog)

      For some the mere mention of anxiety evokes a deep anger and denial. Not because they have necessarily experienced it themselves, but rather that they refuse to acknowledge its existence as a mental condition at all.   Most of us have, at s (Read more…)

  • 5 ways swimming can boost your mental health (guest blog)

    As a form of physical exercise, swimming is hard to beat. However, in addition to all the obvious physical health benefits, there’s something mentally therapeutic about being near or in water that’s much harder to put your finger on. If you’re a regula (Read more…)

  • Meet the Team: Infoline Volunteer

    Tell us a bit about yourself I have had two careers before retiring in 2013. I spent 24 years as a primary teacher.  I left because of ill health.  I subsequently retrained as a careers adviser and due to job cuts I worked in Devon for three years befo (Read more…)

  • Retuning yourself (guest blog)

      Anxiety to me is white noise. Static. Unable to make out a clear picture or sound. No two days were the same, and I felt it was consuming me, becoming part of my personality. The day I broke I was sat at my desk completely unable to do anything (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK’s Christmas Advent Calendar!

    It’s dark by 4PM and there’s a chill in the air. You’ve just dusted off last year’s gloves and welly boots, ready to be put to good use. It’s December! And what good is this frosty winter month without presents? We thought we’d get in on the advent cal (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Book Review: Overcoming Worry

    As part of Anxiety UK’s Black Friday Sale we are offering 10% off selected AUK products! Yasmin, one of our AUK participation group volunteers tells you why “Overcoming Worry and GAD” by Mark Freeston and Kevin Meares should be your next purchase! (Read more…)

  • Anxiety and Eating Out with Coeliac Disease (guest blog)

    Chest pounding, stomach tightening  and  adrenaline flowing… Fight or flight mode … What to do next? A little known fact is that anxiety is also experienced in relation to being diagnosed with coeliac disease. What is coeliac disease? Coeliac disease i (Read more…)

  • Anxiety at University (guest blog)

      Starting University for the first time or going back to University is a new and exciting experience, pushing you out of your comfort zone towards newfound independence. At the same time this can be daunting and come with stress and anxieties jus (Read more…)

  • Ask an AUK Approved Therapist: Performance Anxiety

    I’ve been a singer and performer for over 18 years. Recently, I met up with some friends from London who I went to vocal college with. We were reminiscing about college, how we were back then, a little nervous what we wanted from music etc. It turned o (Read more…)

  • Tips For Organising to Manage Anxiety (guest blog)

    Chaos to calm, organisation is more than a state of mind. They say that a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind.  Life can feel overwhelming when you’re faced with a battle of competing priorities, and chores seems never-ending.  Even if you don’t (Read more…)

  • Help for Hoarding (guest blog)

      Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) kick off their National Organising Week (6-12 November) and are encouraging the nation to tackle their clutter, large or small, with the goal of reducing stress and saving time. In e (Read more…)

  • Managing Anxiety Through Therapy (guest blog)

    I have been living with anxiety and panic attacks for more than half my lifetime now. It started with a severe panic attack out of the blue when I was 16 and I have experienced anxiety on various levels ever since. From hyperventilating during a presen (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK Book Review: Overcoming OCD

    How did you hear about ‘Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’? In 2010 I started experiencing symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder – my anxiety manifested itself as intrusive thoughts that started to dominate my life. I found I was unable to focus, suff (Read more…)

  • Living with Social Anxiety (guest blog)

      I’d say I’ve lived with social anxiety for most of my life, but for most of you reading this, you won’t have any idea what I mean. My social anxiety in a nutshell: Feeling you don’t have/deserve any friends/loved ones Feeling worthless and unlik (Read more…)

  • 6 Self Care Tips for Managing Anxiety (guest blog)

    Anxiety crept up on me out of nowhere and smothered me with a permanent feeling of dread.  As the weeks went on it got so bad that when I went to bed, my heart was pounding so much that I thought it was going to stop and I would die in my sleep.  It ma (Read more…)

  • Anxiety UK At The Palace

      A great way for Anxiety UK to mark World Mental Health Day – a reception at Buckingham Palace   The Master of the Household has received Her Majesty’s command to invite Mr David Smithson to a reception to be given at Buckingham Palace to ac (Read more…)

  • Overcoming Panic and Anxiety (guest blog)

    When I was sixteen I had my first panic attack. I had no idea what was happening to me, I only knew it was something I never wanted to experience again. It felt like the worst feeling I could possibly feel, this overwhelming and uncontrollable fear. I (Read more…)

  • What do celebrities think about anxiety?

      If you are prone to intense feelings of unease, you can rest assured that your case is far from an isolated one. In fact, official figures from England’s Health and Social Care Information Centre and reported on the Daily Mail’s website have rev (Read more…)

  • How can audiobooks help anxiety?

      I have always read fantasy books when I wanted escapism. I like to travel to a world populated by dragons, magic and quests to find calm. After all, when comparing my worries with the strenuous task of overthrowing a Dark Lord, everything feels (Read more…)

  • Meet the Team: Infoline Volunteer

      Hello Callam, Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Callam and I volunteer at Anxiety UK as a helpline operator. I considered volunteering for a mental health charity because of the window it would provide into the field of social work which (Read more…)

  • Living with panic attacks: my story (guest blog)

    by Kirsty Harvey It can be really hard to explain to someone what it’s like dealing with a mental health issue and trying to work at the same time. Take a minute to imagine something that really scares you – sky diving, a big spider – and how that make (Read more…)

  • Tips for living with someone with anxiety

    If someone you live with – whether it be offspring, a partner, a sibling or a parent – is experiencing anxiety, this could understandably distress you. Furthermore, you could be eager to rush to their side to offer support, but remain unsure how exactl (Read more…)

  • Tips for Managing Workplace Anxiety (guest blog)

      Around three years ago I was diagnosed with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This actually made a lot of sense and explained my symptoms, especially in the workplace. Working had become increasingly difficult. From second guessing every conversat (Read more…)

  • Back to school anxiety: what is it?

    Every September millions of children return to school after a lengthy summer break. However, for both children and parents, this time of year can produce a lot of stress. Psychologist Emma Kenny has referred to it as back to school syndrome, reports th (Read more…)

  • Heightened anxiety: How to overcome a fear of high places

    by Mike James It’s natural to feel a little nervous when you find yourself peering down at the ground from an unnatural height. But for some, the fear of high places is so extreme that panic and vertigo set in at the mere thought of being anywhere othe (Read more…)

  • Motivation follows action (guest blog)

    “Exercise is good for your well-being!” This is fact and has been shouted aloud many times, with the importance of developing a healthy balance of daily activities seemingly obvious. However, it can be the simple things that fall by the way side when s (Read more…)

  • Meet the Anxiety UK approved therapist!

    Esther Morch is an Anxiety UK approved therapist who specialises in using CBT to help people with anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression. She is based in  Manchester but helps clients all over the UK during face-to-face, telephone and Skype thera (Read more…)

  • Fear of Flying: A guide to plane safety (guest blog)

    The current turmoil in the world makes it understandable for passengers to be concerned about air travel safety. Between tragic incidents like the 2015 Germanwings crash, and the unsettling disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, stepping on a plane has recently felt riskier than ever.