Generalised Anxiety Disorder

What is it?

Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is the feeling of being anxious about almost everything and anything for no real apparent reason. Often, people affected by GAD will feel overly worried about a wide range of things relating to a variety of topics including health, money, work, school and relationships. GAD is therefore a condition leaves people feeling anxious about a multitude of things rather than any one specific thing.   While most of us worry or feel anxious at some point in our lives, those who experience generalised anxiety find it particularly difficult to control their worries. On the whole, their feelings of anxiety are more persistent and often begin to affect their daily lives.

DIY self diagnosis

If you can answer YES to the majority of these questions you may be suffering with a GAD phobia:
  • Do you feel that you have been nervous most days over the past 6 months?
  • Do you have problems falling asleep? Do you have bad dreams or wake up worrying?
  • Do you feel that your body is very tense or uptight?
  • Do you often feel that you want to shout or feel frustrated?
Anxiety UK strongly advises that people seek further information and guidance from their GP who will be able to make a formal diagnosis.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

GAD Fact Sheet

This fact sheet gives a detailed overview, as well as a look at some of the evidence based approaches to treating GAD.
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