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Anxiety UK is the nation’s leading charity working to provide support for those living with anxiety, anxiety-based depression and stress. We are to provide a range of services to the media, including, but not limited to;

  • Comment on breaking news
  • Interviews with experts and case studies
  • Statistics.

Anxiety UK supports people living with a range of anxiety disorders – from debilitating agoraphobia to those with specific phobias.

Anxiety UK Facts and Statistics

A concise, quick-reference collection of facts and figures on mental health, with a focus on anxiety.

Facts and Statistics.pdf

Contact us

For comment, interviews, case studies, statistics or information, journalists should contact the office only if you require an immediate or urgent response on 0161 226 7727.

Alternatively and for less urgent inquiries, you can email us at

Please note we are a small team and emails may not receive an immediate response or be given priority over providing support to those in need of our services.

Anxiety UK’s Press Highlights for 2017 – Q4

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