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Proof that our therapy services work

An important academic study showed that Anxiety UK therapy services are ‘highly effective’ – meaning you can have confidence you are accessing top quality therapy that makes a difference.

The study’s paper, ‘An evaluation of Anxiety UK’s psychological therapy service outcomes’, was published in the prestigious Journal of Affective Disorders in February 2022. The research showed:

  • The therapies offered by Anxiety UK result in people ‘recovering’ and showing that their anxiety and depression improved substantially
  • Over half of our clients who had therapy showed that they had ‘recovered’
  • Two-thirds of our clients showed that they had ‘reliably improved’


The research looked at the outcome of therapy for 957 people accessing Anxiety UK’s therapy services between April 2019 and March 2020.

Anxiety UK therapy outcomes were compared to those from the NHS talking therapies programme, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). The national target* for IAPT is for at least 50 %of people in receipt of therapy to move to recovery, and two thirds of people completing therapy should be ‘reliably improved’.

Findings showed that Anxiety UK therapy services exceeded these targets, with 62 %recovering and 71%  reliably improving.

The conclusion in the paper stated: “Anxiety UK provide highly effective psychological therapies for anxiety and depression.”

Additional findings from the study

The study also found that our counsellingCBT, and clinical hypnotherapy services, are equally as effective as each other (the other types of therapy we now offer were not available to our clients at the time of the research).

The research proved that outcomes from therapy are effective regardless of how it is delivered. Telephone, online platforms with a webcam, face-to-face, or combination therapy, were all found to be effective – so you can have confidence in whichever method you choose.

The study also concluded that just a small increase in the number of sessions has a positive impact on therapy outcomes. The average number of sessions for people who finished a course of therapy through IAPT was 6.9, compared to 8.5 for Anxiety UK clients.


The study was funded via a grant from the Katharine and Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund, named after our founders and set up to support research into improving treatment and services for people experiencing anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression.

You can find out more about the fund here.

For more information:

Read our blog about the study findings here.

Access the full paper, ‘An evaluation of Anxiety UK’s psychological therapy service outcomes’, here


*Target correct at the time of publication, February 2022

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