Katharine and Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund


Anxiety UK is keen to develop and expand its interest and support for research into such conditions and in 2015 launched the ‘Katharine and Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund’, named after the charity’s founders.   The recipients of the first year’s funding allocation (2015-16) were the Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham who helped, through their research, Anxiety UK develop its understanding around the development and delivery of online peer support for those with anxiety and which led to the eventual development of the Anxiety UK members’ online forum.

The 2nd year fund recipient (2017-18) was Richard Collier of Newcastle Law School and a copy of his final report can be downloaded below.

The 3rd year fund recipient (2019-20) Dr Amy Blakemore at the University of Manchester who will be undertaking research to pilot and evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the “Fight Anxiety Boxing for Fitness Programme”. Dr Blakemore and her team will pilot the boxing for fitness programme focused on reducing anxiety symptoms through increasing exercise capacity and teaching the fundamentals of boxing for fitness, building on the growing evidence that increasing physical activity and exercise are effective ways to prevent and reduce symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

The 4th year fund recipient (2020) is Su-Gwan Tham who is a biostatistician who is conducting research into Anxiety UK’s therapy services.

2021 funding round

Expressions of interest will be invited towards the end of 2020 and futher information will be posted here.

Previous Fund Recipients

2017-18 – Richard Collier of Newcastle Law School

The 2nd year fund recipient was Prof. Richard Collier of Newcastle Law School and who is due to complete his research into anxiety in junior lawyers in early 2019. Further details of the study can be read here.

A copy of Executive summary can be downloaded here and a copy of the full final report can be downloaded here.

2015-16 – Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham

The Institute of Mental Health was the first to successfully secure funding from Anxiety UK’s ‘Katharine and Harold Fisher Anxiety Research Fund’ to further develop peer support training for people with Anxiety.

This exciting research project started in October 2015 and was aimed at further understanding what peer support should look like for people who are unable to attend traditional face to face groups or training because of their anxiety.

A summary of the report can be read here and the full report can be read here

Further details of the Institute of Mental Health’s project can be read here

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