Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for the treatment and alleviation of a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Hypnosis allows you to experience often quite deep levels of relaxation and so helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. It is often used alongside classical behavioural therapies such as ‘systematic desensitisation’. Two important elements of this therapy are the ability to clearly imagine something that makes you feel anxious  and then to attain a deeply relaxed state. Hypnosis helps to achieve both of these more easily and quickly than many other forms of treatment.

If you are a member of Anxiety UK you can access the Clinical Hypnotherapy service, we have therapists across the UK from a range of professonal bodies.

Differences between Calm Club and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Service type: Calm Club Clinical Hypnotherapy
Who delivers the service: Group relaxation sessions delivered by a qualified Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist 1 to 1 therapy sessions with a qualified Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist
Format: Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist use scripts developed and gifted by hypnotherapist and Clinical Advisor to Anxiety UK, Professor Ursula James. Sessions are delivered in a group format with a maximum of 15 participants Anxiety UK Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist provide 1 to 1 personalised and tailored clinical hypnotherapy sessions. Treatment plans are tailored according to presenting issues or problems
Session length: A Calm Club session lasts around 30-40 minutes A general clinical hypnotherapy session lasts around 50-60 minutes
Service frequency/duration: Can access unlimited amount of sessions throughout the year (subject to changes) A typical course consists 4-6 sessions; (top up sessions available)
Techniques used: Use of hypnosis-based techniques for self-help Use of hypnosis for the identification of personal strategies, defining an appropriate treatment strategy and a personalised protocol alleviation of a variety of physical and psychological symptoms.
Structure: Each week the three sessions cover one of the following topics:
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Positive thinking
Before commencing, treatment the hypnotherapist agrees a protocol with the client, defines the goal for treatment, and explains how this process works. In each session, the client has an opportunity to feedback improvements/changes, and, if appropriate, refine the objective of the therapy.
Cost: The minimum charge for an annual subscription to Calm Club is £10 for members and £15 for non-members, giving unlimited access to support Anxiety UK members can access the service at a reduced cost depending on their household income (£15-£50 per session)
Further info: More information:
More information:

Personal Experience:

“I was experiencing panic attacks on the train to the point where it was almost impossible to travel to work. I was feeling very tearful and in a complete state of panic when I went to see a hypnotherapist through Anxiety UK for treatment. I found the hypnotherapist very easy to talk to, and my whole experience of hypnotherapy was very easy and straight forward.

After the 1st session of hypnotherapy, I had a comfortable journey home on the train, and after further sessions I didn’t think twice about travelling on the train. In fact, I now find train journeys quite boring! There were other times when I had panic attacks, especially if I had to speak at a business meeting or in public. Now I don’t feel bothered by that anymore and feel that I can move forward and not avoid the situations that made me feel uncomfortable. I now understand why I have lived with this problem, and now feel so much more confident and motivated.

I just want to let others know that there is help out there, and that you can overcome this problem.”


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