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Separation Anxiety

What is it?

Separation anxiety is a term used to explain a feeling of anxiety or stress when you are away from your parents/family/guardians, for example, when you are at school. You may find that you worry a lot when your parents or guardians are not with you or when you are away from your home. This will affect how you act towards other people when you are in certain places such as school.   You may only feel comfortable and stop worrying when you are at home or with your parents/guardians. You may also feel afraid of going to sleep alone and when you do get to sleep, you may have nightmares about being apart from your parents/guardian. You could sometimes have a tummy ache or headaches when you are away from your parents and you may also create stories, like saying that you don’t feel well to avoid being away from your parents or your home

DIY self diagnosis

If you can answer YES to most of the questions it is likely that you are affected by PTSD.

    • Have you ever experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, for example, rape, shooting, car accident etc.?
    • Do you frequently get upset whilst thinking about a traumatic event?
    • Do you experience “flashbacks” in which you feel as if you are re-living a traumatic event?
    • Do you feel emotionally numb or on edge due to experiencing a traumatic event?
    • Are you aware of avoiding doing things that remind you of a traumatic event?

Anxiety UK strongly advises that people seek further information and guidance from their GP who will be able to make a formal diagnosis.

How we can help

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Separation Anxiety fact sheet

Children and Anxiety Fact Sheet

This fact sheet gives a detailed overview, as well as a look at some of the evidence based approaches to managing anxiety among children.

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Recommended resources

Children and Anxiety is a DVD that has been produced with schools and youth organisations in mind. It recounts the stories of 3 young people who have experienced anxiety conditions. You can purchase your copy from the Anxiety UK shop here.

Children and Anxiety Booklet has been designed with information for young people and their parents/carers. You can purchase a copy from the Anxiety UK shop here.