Postnatal Anxiety

What is it?

It is common for most new parents to feel some anxiety during the first few weeks following the birth of their child. However, if this anxiety doesn’t ease up or pass after some time it may be a sign of postnatal anxiety. Worries may become constant and have an effect on you day-today activities. These could be worries about the child for example concerns that harm will come to them, or concerns for yourself.

DIY self diagnosis

If you can answer YES to most of the questions it is likely that you may be affected by postnatal anxiety. Since your baby has been born:
  • Have you found yourself overly worrying that your baby being in danger?
  • Have you found yourself imagining your baby coming to harm?
  • Have you found your concerns over your baby’s safety are affecting your daily life?
  • Have you have experienced panic attacks?
Anxiety UK strongly advises that people seek further information and guidance from their GP, who will be able to make a formal diagnosis.

Postnatal Anxiety

Pregnancy & Labour Phobia Fact Sheet

This fact sheet gives a detailed overview, as well as a look at some of the evidence based approaches to treating this phobia
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