Reason to become a lifetime member

Becoming a lifetime member of Anxiety UK is something very special, for a number of different reasons. Here we’ve put together a list of our top 5 reasons why we think becoming a lifetime member is something worth thinking about.


A lifetime of support

By becoming a lifetime member you gain on-going access to the range of support services and options included in our membership packages. Whether it’s having access to the mindful meditation app Headspace, receiving a free subscription to our quarterly magazine Anxious Times, or having access to a range of reduced cost therapies, we are always working to expand and develop the support options that will be available to you.


Supporting others

Experiencing anxiety, stress or anxiety based depression can be an incredibly difficult thing to go through, and we don’t think anyone should have to go face it alone.  Your lifetime membership fee will help ensure that Anxiety UK can continue to deliver support to those who need us most. Together, you will be helping us make the despair caused by anxiety a thing of the past.


Can cost less than the price of a coffee a month

If you have a lifetime membership with Anxiety UK for ten years, the cost of membership will work out at just £2.50 a month. By opting out of that one coffee (why not pop the kettle on at home?), you can play a major part in supporting the on-going work of Anxiety UK.



Pass your membership on to a loved one

Our lifetime memberships actually reach further than a lifetime, as a lifetime membership can be passed on to a loved one. We are committed to offering long term support to those experiencing anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression. By taking out a lifetime membership, you can ensure that a loved one can benefit from that support after you.



Like all charities we rely on your support 

Anxiety UK relies on the generous support of our fundraisers and supporters to be able to continue to important work that we are doing. 100% of your membership fee will go towards supporting the work of the charity and every penny helps. £10 can help keep our user-led telephone infoline open and £50 could ensure that three people are able to access life changing therapy.



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