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Infoline: 08444 775 774*

Mon-Fri 9:30am - 5.30pm

Text Service: 07537 416 905


Family Memberships

Your family can receive vital support by taking out a Family Membership with Anxiety UK. By taking out a Family Membership you will not only save money, but you will also have access to a wide variety of materials from how to care for somebody in the family living with anxiety to how best to support the mental wellbeing of your children.

A Family Membership allows two parents and all children (including foster children)** living in the same household the following benefits:

family memberships
  • Access to reduced cost therapy
  • One year’s free subscription to Headspace, worth approx. £60, more details here
  • Access to specialist email and helpline support
  • Subscription to Anxious Times magazine
  • Access to online surgeries with anxiety experts
  • Access to our online community and other online resources
  • Access to self help groups-independent support groups held throughout the UK
  • Choice of free Guide from three options; our ‘Caregivers Guide’, ‘Student Guide’ or ‘Understanding Anxiety’ booklet.

What services do you offer?

At Anxiety UK, we have always offered a range of services – some for people with very mild anxiety problems whilst providing services for others who have more severe and longstanding anxiety issues.

We passionately believe in choice. Those who use our services are unique individuals. Therefore their journey towards recovery from anxiety will also be unique. Because of this, Anxiety UK has an extensive range of services to meet your needs, from ongoing support to self help. You choose the level of service/support that you feel you need – because you know best.
Anxiety UK therapies include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy. We have therapists based all over the country and offer face to face, telephone and web-cam sessions.

All our therapies are available to members of Anxiety UK and are offered at significantly reduced rates (fees range from £15 – £50 per session dependant on client’s household income) compared to standard private practice rates. And because we offer therapies over the phone and via web-cam, we are able to help support you no matter where you live. There is a lot of positive evidence on the use of telephone therapy and webcam therapy to deliver counselling and CBT so please consider this option if we do not have a therapist in your area.
For more detailed information on any of the therapies we offer, click on the following links:
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

How quickly can I see a therapist?

Upon receipt of the necessary therapy application forms, Anxiety UK aims to get members into therapy within 2 weeks. If you have applied for therapy and have not heard from Anxiety UK or an approved therapist within that time, we urge you to get in touch with us on 08444 775 774 or to ensure we have received all of the documentation required to process your referral.
Your therapist will not usually need to contact your GP – however, as your welfare is of paramount importance, if issues of safety arise, for example, if your therapist believes that you are a risk to yourself or to others, he/she may need to contact your GP before commencing treatment, or at any other time, as appropriate during treatment. Your therapist will always discuss this with you before making contact with your GP. It is essential we have your GP contact details. Without this, we cannot process your application.
*Please note, if you are under the age of 16 years of age we will require a letter from your GP giving their permission for us to provide access to treatment as well as confirmation from your parent/guardian of their consent for you to access this service.*


£50 per year for 2 parents and all children inc. Foster children**
£100 for three years for 2 parents and all children inc. Foster children**
**For the purposes of the Family Membership, a child is defined as a person under the age of 18, in full time education and living in the same household as the parent(s).

You can purchase a Family Membership here.