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It’s super common to be anxious about going to the dentist, but most people can see an appointment from start to finish in order to receive the vital oral care they need.

Though, not everyone makes it into the practice. DIY dentistry is when someone takes their oral health into their own hands for whatever reason they feel justified.

Here are 3 examples of DIY dentistry disasters to help you realise how attending your dentist appointment is always the best option – no matter how nervous you are.

  1. Jamie (1)

From Huddersfield, Jamie was in a ton of pain as he had an infection below his tooth. However, Jamie was also terrified of the dentist.

At 48 years old, he had been avoiding the dentist for years and, naturally, his anxiety got worse until he couldn’t bare facing the music when he needed to most.

Jamie had been in a lot of pain for weeks, and the infection was at high risk of spreading quickly. Instead of making an urgent appointment with his dentist, Jamie decided to take matters into his own hands.

Taking some pliers and bamboo skewers from his kitchen drawer, Jamie extracted his tooth, using the pliers to pull and the skewers for leverage.

At first, Jamie thought his ‘method’ was a success as the pain had stopped when the problem tooth was out for good. However, Jamie’s gum soon started to swell dramatically.

“I didn’t realise how dangerous it was. People have died from doing this, and I realised that even though the tooth was out, the infection might still be there and I didn’t want to pull any more of my teeth out” Jamie told The Mirror.

Jamie was forced to see a dental professional immediately as he was worried about the swelling. After seeing the emergency dentist, he soon registered with an NHS dentist and has attended all his appointments since.

Dr Rao who treats patients at Bristol’s Queen Square Dental Clinic in “We have seen a rise in DIY dentistry during the pandemic where access to a dentist has not been easy.”

  1. The TikTok Trend

There are some things in life you shouldn’t take too seriously, and TikTok is one of them. A recent trend on the app showed teens filing down their teeth to fix unevenness and give them a ‘better’ smile.

Of course, this wince-worthy tactic couldn’t be worse for your teeth. It will likely cause cracking, breaking, chipping and will damage your enamel.

Enamel doesn’t grow back. It’s your teeth’s primary protector against bacteria and the varied temperatures your teeth have to deal with.

If you want a more superior smile, book an appointment with a nearby cosmetic dentist. If you’re nervous, find a Dental Phobia Certified professional. It’s that simple.

But, whatever you do, please don’t use a nail file on your teeth. “Social media has caused an increase in emergency dental appointments for many of our clients patients,” says Dr Prav Solanki

Deb (2)

Deb broke her tooth after chewing something a little too hard. During lockdown, Deb struggled to find a dentist who could help her and was also nervous about visiting an emergency dentist as her current dentist was the only person she felt comfortable receiving treatment from.

Instead, Deb found some putty and moulded it into the crack in her tooth and proceeded to file down the protruding DIY ‘filling’. She thought, when she could visit her usual dentist, they’d be able to simply take it back out again.

It wasn’t that simple. Instead, Deb had to have the tooth removed altogether as the DIY work she’d done was far more damaging.

It’s Easy To Ask For Help

Should an emergency arise, you needn’t go through any of these traumatic DIY disasters. But, if you’re anxious, scared or nervous about attending your dental appointments, don’t leave it any longer to get help.

Find a dentist who has been proven to show care and concern for anxious patients at Your new Dental Phobia Certified dentist could be the answer you’re looking for to get your smile bright and healthy.



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