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As the easing of lockdown continues, many of us are now looking forward to a much-needed holiday, and while travel is slowly returning to normal, lots of us are still hesitant about going away again.

The thought of travelling to unfamiliar places and the complex rules surrounding overseas travel may be deterring you from planning a holiday and also causing additional stress and anxiety.

Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to  put together a few tips and suggestions including support re finding find own staycation, (whether that be in your own garden, town, country) through to venturing overseas. Along with the tips below, we also have  online anxiety support groups that offer a safe space for people to share experiences, fears and worries with others in a supportive environment. They provide an opportunity to enable you to find ways to manage anxiety, stress and/or anxiety-based depression through sharing coping strategies with other group members, and provide a useful additional forum for sharing travel-related anxieties.

Top tips:

You may also have a fear of flying; if so ensure that you have distractions for the duration of your flight. Try deep breathing exercises, watch your favourite film, read your favourite book or take a photo of your destination to help ease your mind and focus on the positive element of your trip. In addition, we have resources available that may help you with your fear of flying such as CDs, books and factsheets.

Our online therapist-led, structured anxiety management courses may also be helpful as these provide participants with information and strategies to manage anxiety. For more information please see: /get-help/anxiety-uk-courses-and-groups/

For more details about the support and help available from Anxiety UK, visit our ‘Get Help’ section here /get-help/


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