Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here

Book a call with an Anxiety UK advisor here


Anxiety UK values those that are on their journey to become fully qualified therapists and recognise the need for placements to gain valuable experience working with clients to prepare them for a profession within the field of mental health and wellbeing.

Securing a placement with Anxiety UK provides you with a chance to gain significant experience and skills working with clients presenting with a wide range of anxiety disorders, whilst being under the umbrella of a national charity.

Further information regarding placements with Anxiety UK can be found here  if however you have any additional questions that are not addressed by the link above, please contact: [email protected]

Process for applying for a placement:

  1. Email your interest to [email protected] with evidence of being a student. This can be through student identification or acceptance letter.
  2. We will provide you a code to waive the £25 administration fee set for qualified therapists joining the charity.
  3. Apply for your placement here by going through the checkout/application process and using the student code.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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