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It’s important to take care of your mental and physical health at any time, but it can be extremely challenging to do so when you’re in self-isolation. When you’re not allowed to leave home, and your everyday routine has been disrupted, you may find it difficult to stay motivated.

So how can you cope in these extraordinary times, and make the most of your self-isolation? Here are a few ideas.

Start cooking

Cooking from scratch is a key skill that can serve you well for life – it offers many benefits, not least of which is that you know exactly what is in your food. If you can’t already cook, or would simply like to improve your culinary skills, there are many online videos to get you started or teach you how to cook a particular cuisine.

Exercise at home

If you’re physically well but have to self-isolate, keeping up an exercise regime will help you make the most of your time at home. Look online for exercise classes and workouts – you’ll find everything from yoga to CrossFit, catering to all ages and abilities.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden to enjoy – make the most of it. The fresh air will give you a boost and you could also find yourself enjoying a new hobby while getting active in the process. Gardening is good for the soul, and sowing fruits and vegetables also provides healthy produce for your kitchen.

De-clutter and organise your home

De-cluttering your home room by room can be extremely satisfying, providing the space and order you need to get through self-isolation.  If you don’t know where to start, choose an area of your home that’s most disordered – it could be a single drawer or a cupboard.

Once you make a start it provides momentum and the motivation to continue and before you know it you’ll have a beautifully organised home with lots of calming ‘white space’ that you didn’t know you needed.

Use technology to keep in touch with friends

We’re fortunate to be able to use technology to see our family and friends, even though we’re self-isolating. Video chats are becoming the mainstream form of communication in the midst of the pandemic, and you can catch up on all the news without leaving your living room.

Of course, you don’t need to use video chat if don’t want to – you can simply message or phone as normal. Ironically, self-isolation may offer you more opportunity than you would normally have to keep in contact with loved ones.

Meditation and mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t easy when you’re in the middle of a global pandemic but being present in your everyday life, albeit not your normal life, is good for mental wellbeing. It keeps you grounded and better able to cope with the current restrictions, so whether you try meditation or simply become more present generally in your daily life in lockdown, you’ll soon feel the benefits.

Organise your money

Self-isolation offers you the time and opportunity to organise your finances – a particularly important aspect if you fear losing your job or if your business is struggling. By gathering together your financial paperwork and drawing up a budget, you’ll know how much you have to live on at any given time and can adjust your spending accordingly.

Online budgeting apps make it easier if you don’t want to use pen and paper, but getting on top of your finances gives you a sense of control – something that is lacking for many people at the moment.

About the author

Keith Tully is a partner at Real Business Rescue, part of Begbies Traynor Group plc. Keith has over two decades’ experience advising directors across a range of company distress issues such as cash flow problems and winding up petitions, as well as providing advice on company liquidation.

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