Get Help

Sometimes fighting against anxiety can feel like a losing battle, but we are here to provide you with the security and knowledge that you are not alone. There are millions of people like yourself all over the country who experience short and long-term anxiety.

Becoming a member of Anxiety UK is one way to get help with your condition. A membership lets you access a package of support as well as being part of a community of like-minded and understanding people. Plus, a membership acts as a donation to the charity so you will be helping us keep raising awareness and reducing the despair causes by anxiety.

A membership with Anxiety UK isn’t like being on a mailing list; one key Anxiety UK membership benefit is the option to access discounted therapy services delivered by our extensive and experienced network of Anxiety UK Approved Therapists. We also offer support through our partnership with Headspace and specialist helplines.

The wide-ranging symptoms and effects of anxiety can often feel overwhelming, but we believe that knowledge is power. Our online store stocks a variety of resources to help you understand and overcome all sorts of specific and general anxiety conditions.