Media centre

Anxiety UK is the nation’s leading anxiety disorders charity and is able to provide a range of services to the media.

We can comment on breaking news and are able to provide interviews, case studies and statistics. Anxiety UK supports people living with a range of anxiety disorders – from debilitating agoraphobia to those with specific phobias.

If you wish to join our mailing list for press releases, please use the details below.

You can also request a media pack which includes original source material, anxiety statistics and qualitative information on a range of disorders.

Contact us

For comment, interviews, case studies, statistics or information, journalists should contact the Communications Officer via email on or on 0161 226 7727. For out of hours enquires, ring 07947 599 491.

Share your story

The personal element can often mean the difference between a story being run or not. Journalists contacting Anxiety UK are keen to speak with people who have been affected by anxiety – whether it be themselves or a loved one. The personal, human perspective makes a story come alive and may lead to readers’ recognising that they need support as well.

Anxiety UK gets requests every week from journalists who would like to speak with someone affected by anxiety. If you would like to put yourself forward to speak with the press, please email or ring 0161 226 7727.

What do media volunteers do?

Anxiety UK enjoys a wide reaching media presence and our media volunteers have contributed to a wide range of opportunities, including Daybreak, the One Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph and the Manchester Evening News, to name but a short few.

Anxiety UK never divulges volunteer details to journalists without their permission. Journalists will never contact media volunteers directly as all requests come via Anxiety UK. Anxiety UK will only contact media volunteers to take part in sensitive opportunities and will never pursue those which may be seen to sensationalise the experience of living with anxiety.

For more information, please contact the Communications Officer on 0161 226 7727.