Understanding Anxiety booklet launched by Anxiety UK

A new resource to help guide sufferers through the mystery of anxiety and provide them with a greater understanding of what anxiety really is.

Written by Anxiety UK’s CEO, Nicky Lidbetter, the guide has been developed alongside input from a wide range of Anxiety UK members, volunteers and clinical advisors.

The booklet is packed full of useful information, including tips from others affected by anxiety, treatment options and much more.

Anxiety UK CEO Nicky Lidbetter says: “Anxiety is the common thread which links all anxiety disorders from agoraphobia to obsessive compulsive disorder.

“The key to learning to live with any anxiety-related condition is to develop ways of coping and acceptance, hard though this may appear at times.

“It can only be achieved with an understanding of what anxiety is and how it affects you as an individual.”

The new guide has already received widespread acclaim from users and partners alike.

Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Teacher Support Network, said: “This is an extremely helpful guide for anyone wanting to know more about anxiety. It is easy to follow, and the management and treatment sections are particularly informative. The case studies show the impact that anxiety can have on an individual’s life.

“We are delighted that through our partnership with Anxiety UK, we can offer teachers such a beneficial resource. We know that this will help many teachers and their families make sense of what they are going through.”








For an instand download copy of the booklet visit here

New members joining Anxiety UK this month here will get a free copy with their membership pack


Dave Smithson | media@anxietyuk.org.uk / dave.smithson@anxietyuk.org.uk | 0794 7599 491 | www.anxietyuk.org.uk

Notes to editors
Anxiety UK is a user-led charity with more than forty years’ experience in supporting those living with anxiety. Anxiety disorders are common and treatable. Anxiety UK works to relieve and support those living with these conditions by providing information, support and understanding via an extensive range of services, including fast access to reduced cost 1:1 therapy services. The Anxiety UK helpline alone receives over 16,000 calls a year from people suffering from phobias and anxiety disorders.

The charity provides support to people with any anxiety condition, or specific phobia such as fear of spiders, blushing, vomiting, being alone, public speaking, heights – in fact, any fear that stops people from living their lives to the full.


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