Living Life To The Full DVD

From one of our Anxiety UK clinical advisors, Dr Chris Williams, this DVD course aims to help you boost how you feel and tackle low mood and depression.

You will find out how to solve problems, build your confidence and start thinking helpfully, instead of negatively.

You’ll earn how to sort out poor sleep patterns and see some easy ways to get yourself fitter and healthier.

And you’ll learn something about relationships, and how to be more assertive, letting other people know what you want, but nicely!


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Toilet Phobia DVD

Hear from a range of individuals about ‘Toilet Phobia’ an umbrella term for anxieties and fears associated with using the toilet. These could range from contamination fears in OCD, to shy bladder syndrome. Contained alongside the personal experiences of a number of individuals with toilet phobia are the professional perspectives of a range of leading practitioners, who offer an explanation for these problems, and evidence on potential solutions.

This DVD would suit someone living with toilet phobia, or a professional in schools/therapy services that may want to raise awareness of this debilitating condition.

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Children And Anxiety DVD

This DVD has been produced with schools and youth organisations in
mind. It recounts the stories of 3 young people who have suffered with a
range of anxiety conditions. The DVD is accompanied by a downloadable pack, that contains information on its relevance to the PSHE keystage 4 Personal Wellbeing program (along with its relevance to SEAL) and activities that can be used alongside the DVD to develop lesson plans and encourage discussion of mental wellbeing in the classroom.

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In this unique program, Riley Lee leads you through a series of simple breathing exercises to promote health, vitality and wellbeing. Learning correct breathing techniques will help you reduce stress levels, increase blood circulation, optimise oxygen intake and develop conscious awareness.

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Meditation easy as ABC

This DVD had been produced by consulting psychologist, Simonette Vaja M.A.Ps.S, to assist in the understanding and practice of meditation to improve your health and wellbeing. Meditation and visualisation can help to reduce the harmful effects of stress

Relax your mind, body and soul, improve your self esteem, and feel more fulfilled in your life.

MEDITATION EASY AS ABC FEATURES THE FOLLOWING MEDITATIONS AND VISUALISATIONS: Body Focus Meditation, Valley Meditation, Ocean Meditation, Garden Meditation, Waterfall Meditation, plus 4 beautiful scenes in nature to watch whilst you listen and enjoy inspiring music

Also includes a detailed guide to Meditation Easy As ABC and the 3 main principles, Attention, Breath and Contemplation.

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Relaxing Yoga

For over 6000 years the benefits of Yoga have been enjoyed by many people all over the world. This film is a gentle introduction to Yoga and is suitable for beginners and for people of all ages.

If you are new to yoga, this DVD is an excellent starting point. Trish Smyth takes us on a yoga journey showing us how to use the yoga postures and breathing techniques to relax the body and the mind. Relaxing Yoga also includes a section on deep relaxation and concludes with a short visualisation.

RELAXING YOGA FEATURES: Frequently asked Questions and Answers about Yoga, Relaxation, Yoga Postures, End Relaxation, Visualisation

BONUS MATERIAL Alternative nostril breathing featurette with Trish Smyth, Profile on Trish Smyth, Featured music from ‘Relaxing Yoga’

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Pull Yourself Together!

An educational DVD on fears, phobias and anxiety
Pull yourself together  is a 30 minute programme which aims to give an understanding of what anxiety is and its effects  how anxiety develops  what steps to take in order to get better, and an explanation of how therapy can treat anxiety disorders. The programme features Professor Paul Salkovskis, a specialist in anxiety disorders and three people who have had an anxiety disorder – Chris, a recovered social phobia, Rosie – who suffered with agoraphobia and John who had a fear of heights.

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