Emetophobia: Living with an extreme fear of vomiting by Nicolette Heaton-Harris



Living with Emetophobia is written by Nicolette Heaton-Harris. In the book she recounts her experiences of emetophobia and some of the techniques she has tried. A must for those who feel alone with their disorder.

“I suffer with emetophobia and think this book will really help people because like me it makes you realise that you are not alone with this awful phobia. I know there is no miracle cure explained in the book,  but there is no cure (as yet, but we keep hoping). It explains what it is like to live every day with emet and it also has stories from other people who live with this horrid phobia.

I for one think it is an excellent read, also it will also help emet sufferers to be able to pass the book onto family and friends so they can read it and understand the phobia a little better rather than having to keep repeating yourself and trying to explain to them what emetophobia is.”

Margaret, Anxiety UK member