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Self Help Groups

Anxiety UK maintains a list of independent self help groups based across the country. Download the list of self help groups Self Help Groups. Please be aware that while we try to ensure all listed self help groups are of a high quality, these groups are run independently of Anxiety UK so we are unable to verify this. If you encounter problems with a listed self help group please do feed back to us on info@anxietyuk.org.uk

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Other Self Help Resources

Anxiety UK has a range of self help books available in our online shop that many people living with anxiety have found to be of real help. We have chosen books based on member feedback and the best available medical evidence.

As an organisation, we made a substantial contribution, consulting our members for their opinions, to the production of ‘Best Practice Guidance for Self Help Guides’ for the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme. Some of the recommendations from this guidance suggested that:

  • Self help information and the approaches it is based on should be backed up by evidence from trials.
  • Not all self help information will help all individuals for all conditions. In the case of PTSD self help may be of limited value for those in distress, over more intensive psychological therapy.
  • Generally, self help information should be based around cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles and approaches.
  • Self help materials should be selected to match your needs, in terms of your problems and goals, and you should take into account your reading ability and your cultural background (if appropriate) when choosing self help.

Self help is a proven way to help people with anxiety. It is a technique that gives you the control over your own recovery, equipping you with skills and tools to manage your anxiety, putting these into practice in your life. Over the years, Anxiety UK has helped many people in this way – advising them of the appropriate self help guide for their anxiety condition via the Anxiety UK infoline.

It is important to bear in mind that in order for self help to be successful it requires a high level of self motivation of the individual (something that is not always possible no matter how determined you are), which is why Anxiety UK also offers therapy services, for individuals who need a bit more encouragement and support.

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