NICE Guidelines on Anxiety

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is an independent organisation, responsible for providing the national guidance that promotes good health and the prevention and treatment of all illnesses. They set out a series of national frameworks for good practice in the treatment of a variety of problems based on analysis of the cost-effectiveness of treatments.

The NICE guidelines cover many medical disorders including anxiety disorders. They set out what each person who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder is  entitled to in terms of health care. This guidance should be followed by GPs and they should be offering treatments that are recommended for the diagnosed condition. Being aware of this guidance means that individuals will know what treatments have the best evidence to back them up and also what what has been found to be most effective when used for certain conditions.

These guidelines can also offer more clarity to an individual and mean that if they are not satisfied with the medical care they are receiving they are able to find out exactly what they should be provided with. Copies of the guidance can be downloaded from the NICE website or hard copies can be requested free of charge. The website address is

To access NICE guidelines please click on the following links: