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Our award-winning Stress Tips app contains useful tips and advice on managing anxiety from volunteers, Anxiety UK staff, celebrity patrons and clinical advisors. The app also contains a useful DIY diagnosis section, developed in conjunction with Professor Adrian Wells. The app is available to download on the iPhone, Android phones and Blackberrys, and costs 69p.

Features include:


Developed by Anxiety UK Clinical Advisor and Professor of Clinical and Experimental Psychopathology, Adrian Wells, the DIY Diagnosis asks a series of questions, giving users a score out of five for how high they rank for a particular disorder. They will then be able to read more about the condition, giving them a better idea of what they could be experiencing.

“This will be a very useful tool for those who are experiencing anxiety for the first time,” explained Anxiety UK CEO, Nicky Lidbetter. “They can then share results with their GP who will be able to provide support. For those who do not want to speak to their GP, they can get in touch with us to access services to manage their anxiety long term.”


In this section, users will be able to read more about a particular anxiety condition and see how it affects others. The information is updated regularly with input from visitors to the Anxiety UK website and includes the experiences of other anxiety sufferers and how they manage their anxiety. Users can also post their own experiences and support others.


Users can add to the list of recordings available on their device with the ability to record personal tips or those from friends and family. If you have a phrase, quote or story that you find helpful to hear when you’re feeling anxious, you can record it and store it for future use.


Users can create their own categories and store tips so that are easily accessible when they need them. For example, you can create a ‘relaxation’ category and choose which tips you’d like to include, easily finding them when you feel like you need relaxation inspiration. The possibilities are endless and you can store as many tips as you like and create as many categories as you need.


If you find Stress Tips useful and want to give back to Anxiety UK, you can do so with a click of a button! You’ll be brought to a donations page of the Anxiety UK website where you can make a donation of your choosing.

Anxiety UK rely on the generosity of the app users to be able to continue to provide innovative services. If you use Stress Tips and find it useful, please donate what you can to support the charity.

Stress Tips is available for 69p on Android and iPhone devices by visiting either Google Play or iTunes and searching for Stress Tips.It is also available on new BlackBerry devices by searching for apps via your mobile.

What others have said about Stress Tips

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Great, useful app ★★★★★

This app is so convenient for when I can feel my anxiety building. It just helps to put my mind at ease.

relief ★★★★★

I thought I was the only one that suffered from anxiety! This app made me realise I’m not and it has some great advice too!!

Awesome app ★★★★

Now I can feel a bit free from stress by using this app.  Great! It works!

Very helpful ★★★★★

I can highly recommend this app. It’s really helpful to have real people explaining how they cope with anxiety. It can be a real comfort.

Great app ★★★★★

Really helpful

Great app★★★★★

Some very useful tips and very interesting to hear different people talk.

Stress Tips- Fantastic App ★★★★★

Fantastic app. Great to hear real people talking about their anxiety and what to do to cope.

5 stars! ★★★★★

Really good app! Lots of great tips, really cheerful and uplifting!

Stress Tips was developed by Engage Encore and Archibald Ingall Stretton, who sponsored the majority of the development. Pfizer Ltd provided Anxiety UK with a charitable donation to cover a proportion of development and production costs.