Infoline: 08444 775 774*

Mon-Fri 9:30am - 5.30pm

Text Service: 07537 416 905

Infoline: 08444 775 774*

Mon-Fri 9:30am - 5.30pm

Text Service: 07537 416 905


Our Support Services

Anxiety UK offers support, advice and information on a range of anxiety and anxiety-based depression conditions. We provide many services to support those affected by these conditions, from those living with stress or mild anxiety, through to offering help and assistance to those with more severe, complex and longstanding issues.

There are several ways of contacting Anxiety UK for support:


Framework of the Service
Anxiety UK’s email information service aims to offer informal, accessible information to anyone living with, or affected by an anxiety disorder. It provides an alternative to contacting the Anxiety UK infoline. The service also offers an alternative provision to people who would otherwise call the Anxiety UK infoline number which is currently not available out of hours.

Please note that this service is not suitable for enquiries relating to membership and other administrative-based problems. Such queries should be sent to the main Anxiety UK email address:

This service is built on Anxiety UK’s ethos that those who have at some time in their lives been affected by an anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression are well placed to be able to offer support to others similarly affected.

Infoline Telephone Services

You can call our Infoline on 08444 775 774 between 9.30am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday (except bank holidays). “Calls to this number will cost a maximum of 7 pence per minute to call, plus your telephone provider’s Access Charge. Calls from mobile phones may vary”.*

Text service on 07537 416905

Alongside the Infoline telephone, email and live chat support, you can also text Anxiety UK for brief advice. This service is operational Mon-Fri 9.30-5.30.

Responses are limited to 150 characters.

Call backs
Anxiety UK is unable to respond to telephone numbers given in emails and would ask that individuals call the main Anxiety UK infoline in such circumstances.

Who responds to emails?

All emails received through the email support service will be answered by a trained volunteer and/or staff member, based at the Anxiety UK head office in Manchester.

All emails will be signed off with the pseudonym ‘Chris’.

Response time

Where possible we will endeavour to respond to emails and text messages within 24 hours of receipt (excluding weekends and bank holidays). The services will be checked between the hours of 09.30-17.30 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

We have an automated response system in place that confirms that your email has been received.

All contact with our Infoline service will be kept strictly confidential within the organisation, other than in cases where there may be a threat of terrorism or of significant harm to an individual.

Staff Training & Supervision
All staff and volunteers have attended training on answering emails as well as completing an intensive Anxiety UK core infoline training course. In addition, Anxiety UK’s Infoline Co-ordinator has undertaken training in email helpline skills and oversees the volunteer team answering emails.
All staff and volunteers working on the Anxiety UK email support service receive regular supervision as well as access to ongoing training.

Inappropriate use of service
Anxiety UK will not tolerate rude, offensive, racist or sexist language. Emails received with content deemed offensive, racist, sexist etc. will not be answered. 


*Please note: these are NOT crisis services. If you are in need of urgent crisis support, please contact NHS 111, your own GP or present to your local A&E department in the event that you require emergency support.

If you are living with any form of anxiety, mild or severe, we are here to help. Whilst the services listed above are not exclusive to members, becoming a member of Anxiety UK provides those with anxiety with a range of benefits, including fast access to reduced cost therapy, access to specialist member helplines, and much more. For more information please click here, or to become a member now, click here.

We are able to provide support to anyone regardless of UK residency status; indeed we have members from all over the world.