Frequently Asked Questions About DOTS

Accessing Therapy

How many sessions of therapy will I need?

The number of sessions of therapy that you have will depend on a variety of factors.  You can discuss this with your therapist during your initial session.

I have an Anxiety UK annual subscription, can I use this service free of charge?

No, as with our current therapy services DOTS is a paid for therapy service for all users of the platform at a fixed price for everyone, our discounted rates for Anxiety UK members are still available to you but not via a DOTS appointment.

Is the online therapy covered by my insurance?

We advise all clients to check their benefits plan to understand if the fee can be reimbursed or speak to your insurance provider directly to confirm eligibility.

Can I have two types of therapy at once?

In line with current best practice, it is not advisable to pursue more than one therapy at a time.  Different therapies are based on different models and may use techniques that have opposing effects on underlying psychological mechanisms.

Can I choose which therapist I see?

Yes, you will be able to view the therapists offering a service with DOTS, check their credentials and areas of specialism before selecting which therapist you would like your consultation with.

If you require a number of sessions, you will be able to use the appointment booking facility on the platform to ensure you see the same therapist each time.

Can you or your therapists advise me on my medication?

No, the team at Anxiety UK and our therapists do not provide information or advice in relation to medication. It is best to consult your doctor should you have any questions about your medication.

Is DOTS suitable for me?

Please be advised that accessing therapy through Anxiety UK services may not be suitable if:

  • You have an alcohol/drug issue that is at a level which is highly likely to interfere with your ability to fully engage with therapy.
  • You have a diagnosis of another more complex mental health condition such as psychosis or an emerging personality disorder (including borderline personality disorder).
  • You have strong suicidal thoughts. In such circumstances we routinely contact your GP and/or other relevant health professional to ensure it is safe and appropriate for you to access our therapy services.

Please note: having such mental health issues does not however always result in you being unable to access our therapy services. In such circumstances, we routinely contact other relevant professionals involved in your care to obtain their opinion as to whether our therapy services are suitable.

How effective is online therapy treatment?

There are many studies that confirm the effectiveness of online therapy to support people seeking therapy for mental health conditions. To learn more about this research you can read these articles:

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Technical Issues

What equipment will I need to get started?

Just a PC or mobile device.

You will also need the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox. Unfortunately, the software is not supported on Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer.

How do I download the Anxiety UK Online Therapy app?


Visit the App Store and search for the Anxiety UK Online Therapy app or you can access our iOS app here.


Visit the Google Play store and search for the Anxiety UK Online Therapy app or you can access our app here.

How do I make an appointment?

Log in to your account. To schedule a new appointment, click the Appointment tab on the Check In page. You will be presented with the option to search by the criteria defined or select All which will list all therapists.

Clicking Search on the pop-up will display an alphabetical list according to the last name of the therapists meeting the search criteria. You will see their available appointment times.

To select an appointment time click an available time from the drop down, select OK to confirm the appointment. You will receive a confirmation email when the appointment is scheduled.

Can I use DOTS if I don’t have access to a webcam?

Yes, the service is also available by telephone. Whilst checking in to your session you have the option to select a Video or Audio call within the platform or a Telephone call. If you don’t have access to a webcam or would prefer to speak to the therapist over the phone, select Telephone Call when checking in and we will contact you directly on your preferred number.

What happens if my connection drops while I am in my consultation?

We understand this can happen. If you are in the middle of your session when the connection drops, log back in straight away and the therapist should still be there. Alternatively, the therapist can phone you.  If you do not log back in within a few minutes you will need to start the log in process from the beginning.  If you have any problems, please call our team on 0203 744 4226 and they will assist you.

What happens if my video doesn’t work or stops working during my session?

If you experience problems with your video connection but you are still in your therapy session, you can message the therapist through the on-screen chat service.  From here, you can also request for the therapist to call you, if you would prefer to talk to them instead of messaging at any time.

Two Factor Authentication Queries 

Why am I being asked to authenticate my account?

DOTS has two factor authentication, also known as 2FA. This provides an additional layer of security by asking you to use a mobile number or email address to verify your account, in addition to your account password.  You will be asked to authenticate your account the first time you login to the DOTS and anytime you log in on a new computer or mobile device.

2FA is optional, so it’s up to you whether you would like to have this active on your account.

How do I access my personal therapy and discharge notes?

To access your personal notes please log in to your account and select Consult History.  All the notes from your sessions will appear here and it is possible to download these in a PDF format. You can print these or send by secure fax within in the platform if necessary.

For any technical queries in relation to DOTS contact videoDoc on 020 3744 4226 or, the team are available 7 days a week, 8am – 10pm.

Your Privacy

How do you protect my privacy?

Your privacy and safety are always the first consideration. We go to great lengths to ensure that you and your data are always kept safe and confidential. All of your data is encrypted on the servers and all communication between our software and the servers is encrypted.

The app requires you to enter your password and any time you log in to your account on a new device you are required to complete a two factor authentication, if set up. If you have an iPhone that supports TouchID, we also have a feature that recognises your fingerprint.

Our browsing encryption system (SSL) follows modern best practices and is rated A+, providing world class online security and encryption.

If you wish for any of your information or records to be released to a third party, you can contact us anytime. We will send you an authorisation form that you will need to fill and sign before your information can be released.

Can I stay anonymous?

 Everyone is required to set up an account and login for a session, the name you provide on your account details will be visible to your therapist.

How secure is the payment system?

The payment system we use is Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

 Can I delete my account?

To delete your account please call our team on 0203 744 4226 who will be able to assist you by completing this on your behalf.

Refunds & Complaints

What is your refund policy?
In exceptional cases a refund will be offered, but not if a client wishes to cancel their appointment less than 48 hours before the session time.

Anxiety UK does not offer refunds if you change your mind about wanting therapy, even if you have obtained access to an NHS/private therapist.

Therapy fees are not transferable.

In exceptional circumstances where refunds in respect of therapy services purchased are offered, any refunds will be made minus a 15% admin fee.

Our full Terms and Conditions are available here.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a problem with any aspect of our service, please contact us on 03444 775 774 or by email to see if the situation can be resolved.

Complaints can be made in the following way:



Complaints Co-ordinator
Anxiety UK
Zion Community Resource Centre
339 Stretford Road
Manchester M15 4ZY

Phone: 03444 775774

All complaints are acknowledged within seven working days. In most cases we aim to provide a full response within 7 working days. However, if this is not possible because, for example, a detailed investigation is required, we will provide an interim reply explaining what is being done to deal with the complaint and providing a revised timetable.

Our full complaints policy can be read here.