Why being a member makes sense says Anxiety UK

Research into the cost of talking therapy has highlighted the benefits of Anxiety UK’s support package, with the cost of treatment saving a member on average up to £480 over the course of six sessions.

Anxiety UK has negotiated a discounted fee tier for supporters to access therapy based on household income levels, ensuring that no matter a person’s income, they will be able to afford support.

Research by the Manchester-based charity shows the average Anxiety UK supporter pays only £15 per session, compared to an average across the UK of £60 outside of London and at least £100 in the capital.

A typical course of treatment based on NHS guidelines would mean most supporters would need an average of six sessions totalling £90 in addition to the support package fee of £30.

Even allowing for the fee, at £120 Anxiety UK supporters will receive a far better deal than someone booking six sessions with a therapist direct at an average cost of £360.

Additionally, Anxiety UK supporters are assured that their therapist has a demonstrated understanding of anxiety and how best to treat the condition. They have also demonstrated a desire to work with anxiety sufferers by volunteering to work with us.

By going direct, this assurance is not always guaranteed and can leave people feeling that they have not been understood.

Anxiety UK also insist therapists have undertaken an enhanced CRB check, have professional indemnity insurance in place; have a core qualification; are registered with a nationally recognised professional body and are in receipt of regular clinical supervision.

Anxiety UK’s support package  also provides a wide range of benefits and services that are included in the annual £30 fee, such as the quarterly supporters’ magazine Anxious Times, access to specialist helplines, an online forum for peer support and the opportunity to be part of a network of people affected by anxiety.

Nicky Lidbetter, Anxiety UK’s Chief Executive, said: “Our research demonstrates that our supporters are receiving, on average, a discount of more than 65 per cent for therapy compared to non-supporters.

“If you live in London that saving is as much as 80 per cent and in some cases even higher.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and the benefits of belonging to a community of like minded people who provide support and understanding for anyone experiencing problems as a result of anxiety.

“But this research shows just why it makes sense, both financially and emotionally, to be a supporter of Anxiety UK,” Ms Lidbetter added.

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