New national OCD treatment centre

A unique new NHS specialist treatment centre for OCD and Anxiety is to be launched through a partnership between the University of Bath and Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Trust (AWP) led by Anxiety UK clinical advisor and OCD-UK patron, Professor Paul Salkovskis.

Based in South Bristol the Centre for Specialist Psychological Treatments of Anxiety and Related Problems aims to meet a gap in highly specialist evidence-based treatment for a range of psychological problems, in particular focusing on those patients that suffer with OCD.

The new centre will provide treatment for both Avon and Wiltshire local residents, but it will also offer a national treatment service for residents in other parts of the UK. The new service will be offering intensive treatments over a period of a few days to two weeks, allowing particularly rapid resolution of such problems.

OCD-UK welcome this new intensive treatment which ensures that people with OCD are given further options, especially helpful for those people that are in work and find it difficult to get regular time off work every week for several month to attend treatment sessions. This now offers sufferers the choice to book time off work, as holiday if necessary, to attend treatment over a short 1-2 week period.

Professor Paul Salkovskis said: Although effective treatment has been possible for some time, it has not been available at the level of expertise required by the most seriously affected. These are unnecessary illnesses which the clinic will be able to deal with, improving quality of life for sufferers.”

OCD-UK chair, Kylie Cloke, told the Bath Chronicle We are absolutely delighted to learn that the University of Bath and Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust have recognised the importance and need for a specialist treatment services for anxiety problems including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

For more information visit OCD-UK