Edge Hill event finds most people ‘panic’ at the thought of anxiety

We have joined forces with Edge Hill University students to raise awareness about anxiety. At a well-being day held on 27th of March, the team at the Anxiety UK stall asked every visitor to write down a word that they associate with anxiety.

The stall was extremely popular, with more than 80 visitors who were mainly students. The most popular answer when asked what word comes to mind when they think of anxiety was ‘panic’ (22%) and ‘stress’ (17%), which really shows how students are feeling at this time of year having to deal with various deadlines. Other surprising results included ‘shortness of breath’ (6%), ‘exams’ (4%) and ‘pressure’ (2.7%).

We know that this can be a very stressful time for many students who may have to deal with exams and deadlines as well as money and relationship struggles, and these responses highlight the need for support for young people.

“We know from personal experience and from the calls we receive on the helpline how important early intervention is, especially for young people affected by mental health issues,” explains Anxiety UK chief executive, Nicky Lidbetter. “Receiving help for anxiety and panic early is crucial for young people in order to prevent a life-long problem with anxiety and whilst it is very difficult to go through, anxiety can be managed to allow the person to live a full, happy life.”

Our helpline is answered by a team of volunteers, many with personal experience of anxiety. If you or someone you care about are affected by anxiety and stress, please do not hesitate to contact 08444 775 774 or email support@anxietyuk.org.uk.