Anxiety UK extends support to Jonathan Trott as he leaves Ashes tour due to a ‘stress-related problem’

Anxiety UK today voices its concern for England Cricketer Jonathan Trott following his departure from the Ashes tour because of a ‘stress-related problem.’ Trott has commented in the press that he has been having difficulty operating at the level he has done in the past and is taking this break to ‘focus on recovery.’

Anxiety (also referred to as stress by many) affects 1 in 5 people on a daily basis  and can affect a person in a number of ways, including maintaining relationships, having the ability to focus and showing an interest in things they once enjoyed. For some, it can become a debilitating condition if left untreated.

‘It’s important for anyone who is experiencing something similar to Trott to seek help and support to manage their stress and anxiety,’ explains Anxiety UK’s CEO, Nicky Lidbetter. ‘If you are feeling like stress and anxiety are getting on top of you, please speak to your GP or ring our confidential helpline, where you can get support from those who have personal experience of anxiety. It is not something to be ashamed of or feel like you have to hide. We empathise with Trott and anyone else experiencing stress and anxiety and applaud him for his decision to put his wellbeing first.’

Anxiety UK is encouraged to hear that the international squad has facilities in place to support players’ physical and mental health. Equally, the charity is concerned that things like this are happening more and more often and calls upon the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to put more robust support systems in place.

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