Anxiety UK contributes to Student Minds’ ‘Guide for Friends’ resource, launched this week

We were pleased to recently contribute to a resource for young people’s charity, Student Minds. The Guide for Friends was shaped by students’ own experiences and supports them to look out for their friends, ‘from starting a conversation to navigating the student journey.’

“We know from personal experience and from the calls we receive on the helpline how important early intervention is, especially for young people affected by mental health issues,” explains Anxiety UK chief executive, Nicky Lidbetter. “Receiving help for anxiety and panic early is crucial for young people in order to prevent a life-long problem with anxiety and whilst it is very difficult to go through, anxiety can be managed to allow the person to live a full, happy life.

“We were pleased to provide Student Minds with information about how students can support one another if they are affected by anxiety and we encourage anyone affected to consult the guide.”

For more information about Student Minds’ ‘Look after your mate’ campaign, click here.